Kash Patel Is Right – Congress Must Impeach Wray and Garland This Week – Or Recess Kicks In Until September

Kash Patel posted this on Truth Social earlier today.

Kash Patel: The only thing congress must do this week (its last before august recess boondoggles) is Impeach Wray and Garland- Act NOW

Kash is right.
Either Congress acts this week to impeach Chris Wray, Merrick Garland and Joe Biden or it will not happen.

Congress is taking August off. It’s vacation time!

Congress will not be back in session until September.
That is when the Uniparty Republicans will warn that it is too late to impeach Joe Biden and the others. They will say, “It will look bad” and “The Republicans need to build a case with the American public first.”

You know it’s true.

Nothing will happen. The country will be lost. Trump will be put in prison for garbage accusations in front of Marxist kangaroo courts. And Joe Biden and every single deep state player will walk.

You are witnessing the end of America. All because Republicans are too weak and timid to act.

Just watch. You heard it here first.

Joe Biden will be yanked from office before he is ever impeached.

You Read It Here First: Joe Biden Will Step Down from Office After Sudden Medical Emergency Before Weak and Feckless Republicans Muster Up the Nerve to Impeach Him

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