JUST-IN: Judge In Abe Hamadeh’s Election Lawsuit Denies Motion For New Trial in Ruling Riddled With Mistakes – Judge Says Fraudulently Elected Attorney General Kris Mayes is the “Current Secretary of State”

The Judge in Abe Hamadeh’s lawsuit finally issued an extremely delayed ruling last Friday, denying Hamadeh’s Motion for New Trial. 

This news comes after Hamadeh’s most recent Oral Argument hearing on May 16, when Jantzen told the parties he would take the matter under advisement and issue a ruling “hopefully within the next couple of weeks.”

According to Arizona Rules of Supreme Court, statute, and the Arizona Constitution, Judges must issue rulings promptly and within 60 days.

Although Judge Lee Jantzen released his ruling in 60 days, The Gateway Pundit recently reported that he was publicly reprimanded by the Commission on Judicial Conduct for failing to issue a timely ruling in a case and collecting salary after declaring that he had no pending matters.

Judge in Abe Hamadeh’s Case Faces Public Reprimand in Judicial Conduct Complaint for Separate Case – 60 Day Deadline Approaches in Hamadeh’s Case

Abe Hamadeh released a statement in response to the ruling, vowing to take his lawsuit all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court on Friday.

The July 14 order is below. Another order was issued on Monday, July 17, explaining why Hamadeh’s Motion was denied.

Terri Jo Neff of the Arizona Daily Independent reports,

The Mohave County judge who promised to explain by noon Monday why he rejected Abe Hamadeh’s motion for a new trial issued that explanation about 90 minutes late, and said if the plaintiffs do not agree with him they are welcomed to appeal.

The only problem is that Judge Lee Jantzen’s ruling is not yet appealable because he failed to sign it as required by Arizona Supreme Court rules.

Even if Jantzen had signed his order, legal experts have differing opinions on whether an appeal would be considered, as one of those unresolved mattes is the lack of a signed order from Dec. 23 when the judge dismissed Hamadeh’s election challenge.

“How do you appeal the denial of a new trial when there is no official signed order that Mr. Hamadeh lost the original trial?” one attorney noted to Arizona Daily Independent.

As Ric Grenell noted, the Judge is so incompetent that he referred to Kris Mayes, the fraudulently elected Attorney General, as the “current Secretary of State” yesterday’s ruling.

Despite the incompetence shown by the Judge causing a potential delay, Hamadeh tweeted yesterday, calling his latest ruling “an invitation to appeal.”

Hamadeh told The Gateway Pundit, “We look forward to the order being reviewed by a higher court. There are serious defects in the facts presented, and the legal holdings don’t match the legal precedent. We will spell out all of the defects in our appeal.”

Hamadeh’s attorney, Jen Wright, told the Court at their last hearing that they have “hundreds of declarations” from “people that tried to vote on election day and had their ballot rejected.” Wright continued, “They were told they were not registered to vote. It turns out with many of these declarations, we have their voting record and history, and we can see when and how it was changed, and it was not by their own intent.” This was unknown to parties in their first trial because a “significant miscount” of hundreds of votes, discovered in rural Pinal County’s recount results, was intentionally withheld from the Court by Katie Hobbs and Kris Mayes.

However, the Judge concluded that “a new trial with extended discovery is not available under the road map laid out by the Legislature.”

Read the full order below:

Lee f. Jantzen Court Order/Notice/Ruling_july 17 by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

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