Judge Sets ‘Conditions of Release’ For Hunter Biden – Orders Him to Get a Job, Submit to Drug Testing – READ THE FULL LIST HERE

Hunter Biden arrived at court today in Delaware to agree to a sweetheart deal by the Biden Department of Justice on his years of criminal drug use, trafficking prostitutes, and multi-million dollar pay-for-play and bribery schemes with foreign officials from China, Ukraine, Romania, etc.

Hunter was only charged with two misdemeanors related to tax fraud and he will avoid prison time on the gun charge.

According to the DOJ’s sweetheart deal, Hunter Biden would receive immunity from future charges.

This is unprecedented.

The judge was not having it!

Prosecutors tried to quietly slip immunity into Hunter’s plea deal so the deal blew up on Wednesday.

Hunter pleaded not guilty to the charges so the case is ongoing.

Delaware judge Maryellen Noreika, a Trump appointee, set new ‘conditions of release’ for Hunter Biden.

If Hunter does not comply with any part of the judge’s order, he can be arrested.


1) NOT possess a firearm
2) NOT use or possess any controlled substances (including marijuana) unless prescribed
3) Submit to full federal supervision
4) NO use of alcohol AT ALL
5) Seek active employment
6) Submit to testing for prohibited substances
7) Participate in substance abuse therapy


1) Immediate issuance of an arrest warrant
2) Revocation of release
3) Forfeiture of bond
4) Prosecution for contempt of court

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