“It Is So Much Worse Than People Understand – They Need to Smoke Them Out!” – Attorney Mike Davis on What MUST HAPPEN Following Hunter Biden Courtroom Fiasco (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Delaware Democrat Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected the shameless sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden. The plea deal had covered Biden’s tax issues from 2014 to 2019, drug use and a gun charge that were to be pled as two misdemeanors for the tax charges and a diversion on the gun charge.

During the hearing the court learned that the sweetheart deal for Hunter Biden via the Biden Department of Justice also included a non-written agreement that would prevent the court from charging Hunter Biden of any additional crime in the future. This came out in court today.

But they got caught. Even the Democrat judge would not sign off on this lawlessness.

On Wednesday evening Attorney and Article III Project Founder Mike Davis joined Steve Bannon on The War Room.

Mike Davis told the War Room audience what must happen next.

Mike Davis: What I would say is happening here is there was an even sweeter deal between the Biden Justice Department and Hunter Biden than what was even in the written sweetheart plea agreements. And what’s going on here. It was a wink-wink agreement between the Biden Justice Department and Hunter Biden. They didn’t want to put it down on paper that there was a broad waiver of all potential crimes in this plea agreement because that would cause way too much political blowback for the Biden Justice Department. It would also mean that the Biden Justice Department couldn’t say that there’s an ongoing investigation to try to rebuff Congress. And the judge correctly peeled at that, picked at that today. And that’s what blew up this whole deal…

…It’s even worse than that, Steve. Not only were they not going to prosecute Hunter for any other crimes, they were going to pretend the Biden Justice Department was going to pretend like there was an ongoing investigation. So the Congress couldn’t call in David Weiss, they couldn’t call in Merrick Garland, they couldn’t call in Hunter Biden because all they’d have to say is, there is an ongoing investigation. We can’t talk to you, Congress. It is so much worse than people understand…

They need to call in Bill Barr, they need to call in Merrick Garlands, they need to call in David Weiss. They need to call in the Pennsylvania U. S. Attorney who found these allegations credible. They need to call in the IRS whistleblowers and they need to call in the FBI agents who corroborated these claims. Put all of them at the same table in front of the cameras and the lights. Put them under oath and make them answer the questions under oath of who did what, where and when. Because someone is lying here and they need to smoke them out.

Do it! Call all of them to Congress. Cancel the recess!

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