“Is He Transgender Too?” – NFL Superstar Gets Roasted After Appearing in Annoying New Bud Light Commercial Which Mocks Men (VIDEO)

Credit: Bud Light Youtube Screenshot

One of the best players in the NFL made a major mistake associating with America’s most infamous beer this week.

CBS News reported Tuesday that Bud Light rolled out a new ad featuring Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce. The news organization characterized this as an effort to revert back to a “male-focused” advertising strategy.

If “male-focused” means mocking men as a bunch of grunting cavemen, then Bud Light accomplished its mission.

The commercial, named “Backyard Grunts with Travis Kelce,” shows Kelce sitting down in a lawn chair while grunting like he needs to go to the bathroom. The other men in the commercial mimic Kelce and some crack open Bud Lights once seated.

Kelce does not pick up a Bud Light in the commercial.


This new ad comes as Bud Light sales cratered 28% over Fourth of July weekend.

The Daily Caller theorizes that Bud Light’s intent may have been to make Kelce the future face of the product. As established by previous ad efforts, this will only end in failure.

Conservative Twitter users were not happy and absolutely roasted the future Hall of Fame Tight End.


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