INSTANT CLASSIC: “I Was in The West Wing, Lost My 8 Ball Again” – Mailman Media Releases New “Cocaine” Single About Hunter Biden’s Addiction and Business Crimes – LISTEN HERE

“Took a trip to Ukraine. Now I’m high on this plane… Cocaine”

Mailman Media Music released their latest single with the Truth Bombers and The Radikals at midnight on Friday, showcasing a parody of Eric Clapton’s hit, “Cocaine.”

This is sure to be ANOTHER hit from Mailman Media, this time exposing the Biden crime family.

Mailman Media is the same production team that brought us “Justice for All,” featuring Donald Trump and the J6 Choir. As The Gateway Pundit reported, the hit single reached number one on the Billboard Charts and iTunes.

The Gateway Pundit also reported that Kari Lake’s hit single with Mailman Media, “81 Million Votes My Ass,” appeared on multiple Billboard charts and hit number one on two Billboard charts. The song also reached number one on iTunes and number 3 on Amazon Music!

JUST IN: Kari Lake’s “81 Million Votes My Ass” Debuts on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart for All Genres – Hits NUMBER ONE On Two More Charts

The latest song’s lyrics can be found below:

Just an ordinary Joe, with the blow he lets go, COCAINE

Took a trip to Ukraine, now I’m high on this plane, COCAINE

I get high, In my ride, with my pipe, COCAINE

Got my nine, in my ride, with my pipe, COCAINE

I was in the west wing, lost my 8 ball again, COCAINE

Feds they kicked down my door, but they just let me go, COCAINE

I get high, in my ride, with my pipe, COCAINE

Got my nine, in my ride, with my pipe, COCAINE…

Tryna stay woke, so I stay on that dope, COCAINE

Stay up praying at night, lord knows I’m crying to fight, COCAINE YEAH

Download the new song here and make it go viral!

This song references Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings in Ukraine, his use of drugs, and the recent scandal at the White House where cocaine was found in the West Wing. This left many speculating that it was Hunter’s bag of blow. However, Secret Service apparently could not identify a suspect.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Hunter Biden’s illegal drug abuse and the government’s refusal to do anything about it.

Mailman Media Head of Recorded Music Operations LJ Fino told The Gateway Pundit, “We expect this record to perform incredibly well. Not only is it relevant to the current news cycle, but it is a fun parody to a very popular song. Frankly, I think Lorne Michaels and the rest of late-night television need to stop covering for Democrats. There is a lot of material there that they are afraid to touch, but here at Mailman, we are happy to shine light on issues that are not getting the attention that they deserve” He added that, unlike the leftist so-called comedians, “we are looking at politics through a comedic lens, and there is a lot of material here.”

Listen to the song below on youtube:

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