Ice Cube Doubles Down: Rejects $9 Million Movie Role Over COVID-19 Vax Mandate, Asserts Health Over Wealth (VIDEO)

Ice Cube (Source: The Joe Rogan Experience/Spotify)

In an unexpected and notable show of personal conviction, rapper and actor Ice Cube declined a lucrative $9 million role in a film due to the production’s vaccination mandate, voicing his concerns over the increasing power of corporate conglomerates and what he perceives as an intrusion on personal freedoms.

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan on Thursday, the rapper, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, opened up about the incident where he rejected a $9 million deal.

Ice Cube was slated to star alongside Jack Black in Sony’s upcoming comedy film “Oh Hell No,” directed by “Bad Trip” director Kitao Sakurai, until the production company required all cast and crew members to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The mandate, which Ice Cube suspected was instigated by the studio rather than the producers, led him to reject the role – a decision that eventually went public despite his initial desire to keep it quiet. This led to a wave of scrutiny, with many people calling him a stupid for rejecting such a large sum of money.

“I didn’t tell people that I’m not doing this movie because I don’t want to be vaccinated. But somehow, some way, the news hit the I don’t know if Hollywood Reporter or somebody put it out that this is why Cube is not doing the movie. And I thought it was chicken sh*t. It’s like, what happened to the HIPAA laws… where you’re not supposed to reveal a person’s medical status,” Ice Cube told Joe Rogan.

“[Media] want people to tell me, you turn it down $9 million, you stupid. I’ll do anything for $9 million. How stupid can Cube be?”

However, Ice Cube stands firm in his decision, stating that he did not lose $9 million, as it was never his, to begin with. He expressed frustration with the public shaming and pressure to comply with the mandate, making it clear that  no amount, even 20 million, is worth risking health.

“I don’t care if it was 20 million. That was never going to happen. And if you got injured from that vaccine, you would have paid that 20 million to be healthy again,” said Ice Cube.

Despite the backlash, Ice Cube remains resolute in his stance, urging others to resist when they can and use their leverage when they have it. In a world he views as increasingly shaped by powerful corporations, he urges others to “push back when we can.”


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