Gunman Yells Racial Slur and Assaults DC Pub Owner In Front of His 4 Year-Old Son – Suspect Gets Sweetheart Plea Deal from U.S. Attorney (VIDEO)

Crediti: NBC Washington/The Blaze

NBC Washington uncovered surveillance video Monday showing that a DC gunman stormed into a DC pub, shouted a racist comment and assaulted the owner in front of his little boy.

The local news station reported Gaynor Jablonski, owner of Barracks Row business Valor Brewpub, was sitting at one of his tables on June 29 when a crazed man began speaking angrily behind his bar.

Jablonski went up to confront the man to find out what was going on. The individual responded by pulling a gun from his waistband and pointing it at Jablonski. He also repeatedly made an anti-white comment.

He just kept saying, “Sit down, white boy. I’m going to end you.”


Surveillance shows that a struggle ensues between the two individuals in front of the boy. The gunman punched Jablonski and they began wrestling. Jablonski was able to overpower the lunatic and get him away from his son.

I picked him up by the throat and his head after I punched where the gun was and just started, basically, carrying him away from my son.

According to NBC Washington, the pub’s brew-master spotted the gun when it slid away from the men and snatched it away.

The video next shows Jablonski’s son climbing on top of his dad to try to get help. Jablonski said his son “roared like a dinosaur” to scare away the deranged attacker.

The suspect finally was out of the store after failing to locate his firearm. He was promptly taken into custody by DC police who had just arrived on the scene.

But the criminal justice system failed Jablonski afterward. The suspect, Gregory Gibson, of Rosharon, Texas, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence. But within a few days, U.S. Attorneys Office cut a sweetheart plea deal with Gibson.

Under the plea deal, Gibson will only serve two years in prison despite seemingly trying to Koll Jablonski. No doubt he will soon return to violence as soon as he’s back out on the street


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