France Has Fallen: 17-year-old “Victim” was Gangbanger with 15-Count Rap Sheet and History of Running Police Stops

Nahel (right) displaying “pistols” in video by rapper JuL (center)

Rioting continued in France Saturday night, after 17-year-old Algerian Nahel M. was killed after a high-speed chase in Paris suburb Nanterre Tuesday. While Mainstream Media fan the flames of hate and violence by blaming the police and portraying Nahel as an innocent victim, the 17-year old hoodlum had a long police record and appeared in a cop-hating gangsta rap video just last month.

At 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 27, two motorcycle officers saw Nahel M. in a high-powered, bright yellow Mercedes A-Class AMG with Polish license plates, racing through Nanterre, and gave chase. The 17-year old led them on a pursuit over sidewalks, through red lights and down bus lanes until finally forced to stop by traffic at 8:16 am.

The two officers dismounted and confronted the homicidal maniac at gunpoint, demanding he cut the engine. Instead, Nahel M floored it, striking the officer in front of his windshield and possibly triggering the gunshot which hit him fatally in the chest. The speeding sports car then struck an obstacle and flipped on its roof. One passenger fled on foot and one was arrested.

Nahel was 17, too young to have a French driver’s license. The Mercedes A Class AMG typically has 300 Horsepower and can do 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. The vehicle with Polish license plates was reported to be a rental, of the kind young migrant men like to use for “Fast & Furious” style road races, which often recklessly endanger innocent lives. The brave officers thus can be said to be completely justified in ending Nahel’s rampage at gunpoint.

Nonetheless, the hero officer is now being charged with “voluntary homicide”. French President Macron stabbed the officer doing his duty in the back by calling the young hoodlum’s death “inexplicable,  inexcusable”, all but guaranteeing the courageous officer will not receive a fair trial. French President Emmanuel Macron married his school teacher and has posed with semi-nude gangsters.

Despite not having a license, Nahel had previously been stopped by police at least 5 times and committed “refusal to stop”, as BBC reported. He has at least 15 criminal charges, including drug charges, insurance fraud and forging license plates.

Last month Nahel appeared in a gangsta rap video by French rapper Jul, riding a dirt bike and waving his fingers at the camera like two pistols. The lyrics of the video extol violence and crime, and feature hundreds of gang bangers from French suburbs.


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