BREAKING: Forensic Study Into 2020 Detroit, Michigan Election Finds Up to 34,000 Illegal Ballots – And Additional Warnings from Detroit Clerks that THOUSANDS of Absentee Paper Was Different than Normal Ballots

Michigan 2020 Election with still unexplained ballot drop of 149,772 ballots for Joe Biden to take the lead from President Trump at 6:31 in the morning.

Guest post by Phil O’Halloran

A national expert in criminal forensics completed a report into the 2020 election in Michigan and has found further evidence of chronic, systemic, voter fraud especially among absentee ballots in that challenged election.

The firm is Speckin Forensics and they have wide national experience testifying in criminal trials. Through their investigation where they were allowed limited access to the 2020 ballots in Wayne County which covers Detroit, they found:

  • A significant number of absentees in different precincts illegally had no signed ballot application. Many absentee ballots had no request whatsoever, in the two primary precincts examined the rates of illegal ballots were 12% and 20%.
  • Absentee ballots often had a lighter tone and shade to the printing. The Detroit clerks even commented to the Speckin team that the type of paper felt different.

If the numbers of absentees missing a ballot request are extrapolated out to the rest of Wayne County, Speckin reports, “with approximately 170,000 AV ballots, the range at 8%-20% would be 13,600 to 34,000 ballots with no application requesting the ballot.”

Here is a copy of the full report.


This matches what the Gateway Pundit previously reported, that there are tens of thousands of illegal ballots in the 2020 Michigan election.

This all of course matches what witnesses have described for three years, and what the Gateway Pundit has been reporting time and time again despite the gaslighting and lies from the mainstream media.

Eyewitnesses Have Been Saying This All Along – The Gateway Pundit Recorded Their Statements

** Jose Aliaga described being at the counting boards on election night 2020 and seeing a large number of suspicious ballots that felt pre-printed and were suspiciously only voting in the Presidential and Senate elections, come in very late at 3:30 AM.

** Elizabeth Forlini described counting military ballots and noticing that many of them obviously appeared to not be valid military ballots, and had these kind of suspicious traits.

** Chris Schnorak saw that they didn’t disqualify a single obviously illegal ballot.

** Dustin Kingen also saw chronic irregularities at the counting boards.

** Jessy Jacob, a courageous Detroit whistleblower, offered  an affidavit and testimony that matches Chris Schnorak’s testimony.

The Report Confirms Thousands of Detroit Absentee Ballos in 2020 Were ILLEGAL: No Evidence These Ballots Were Ever Requested

Now we have further confirmation that these courageous 2020 witnesses were right and that what they described is found in an honest objective analysis of the 2020 ballots.

There has never been a serious governmental investigation into 2020 voter fraud in Michigan or anywhere.

Rep. Matt Hall held one night of a hearing where Rudy Giuliani was able to present four witnesses. Sen. Ed McBroom held a two-day hearing where he let random witnesses come up and speak for two minutes each. Sen. McBroom then compiled an infamous report in May 2020 where he denied any voter fraud and encouraged the far-left Attorney General to persecute anyone claiming that there was, despite significant evidence to the contrary that was submitted in his own committee hearing!

Private Investigators Do the Work the Government Refuses to Do

Speckin head Erich Speckin had this to say about the research and about the further research needed into the 2020 Biden election:

“…the computer data relating to the scanning and tabulation from this 2020 election should be examined and compared for discrepancies as well as time sequences. This data should include ballot images to check for duplicate scans, comparison of totals, times of scanning, and other related features and possible access from outside sources.”

More Investigation Needed to Document the 2020 Michigan Election Fraud

There has been no investigation into the 2020 election results by any court or governmental body. The pro-Trump lawyers filing suit were professionally and financially sanctioned by the court for daring to represent election integrity.

Even though they emerged on top from the contentious 2020 election, the left is not content to win. Just last week the far-left Michigan Attorney General announced 8 felony charges each against the 16 Trump electors from 2020.

The problems with absentees in Michigan are chronic but otherwise ignored by the mainstream media. The Gateway Pundit featured another investigator from MC4EI Anne Hill, who documented dozens of voters claiming that their legal residence is an empty field just miles from the state capital.

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