Enes Kanter Freedom Destroys Anti-American WNBA Player’s Twitter Rant ‘You Don’t Wanna See the Other Side’

The Gateway Pundit reported on WNBA player Natasha Cloud’s anti-American response to the recent Supreme Court ruling deeming affirmative action programs at Harvard and UNC unconstitutional.

But former NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom isn’t having it.  He called Cloud out over her absurd criticisms.

“Just ask your colleague Brittney Griner how ‘trash’ America is,” Kanter Freedom tweeted in response to Cloud. “Calling America trash huh? Let me know when your season is over, I’ll buy your ticket and we can go together to counties like China, Russia, IRAN, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, & Turkey.”

“Forget about calling them trash, I would like to see if you can even criticize those regimes!! You and your family members would be thrown in jail, tortured to death, and raped.

“People have NO idea how lucky and blessed they are to be in a country like America. I’m not saying America is perfect, but trust me, you don’t wanna see the other side.”

Kanter Freedom was responding to Cloud’s tweets from Friday.

“Our country is trash in so many ways and instead of using our resources to make it better we continue to oppress Marginalized groups that we have targeted since the beginning of times.”

“Black/brown communities& LGBTQ+ man we are too powerful to still be attacking issues separate,” she added. “There is power in numbers.”

“Imagine having all the power and resources to be great. I’m talking about everybody eats. Then imagine wasting it on hateful ideologies. Imagine weaponizing religion,” she wrote, adding, “That is America. We are a hateful disappointment. That’s the truth. We have the potential to be great.”

Kanter Freedom has been a passionate advocate for human rights and has consistently called out the woke hypocrisy of the left.


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