‘Elon and I Are Actually Dating’ – Libs of TikTok Creator Epically Returns Doxer Taylor Lorenz’s Backspin Serve Amid Feud

Chaya Raichik, the creator of the wildly popular Twitter page Libs of TikTok, trolled Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz online Thursday — and she even dragged Elon Musk into the mix.

Lorenz reached out to the conservative for comment on a story about the monetization of tweets.

It was reported Thursday that numerous popular conservatives on Twitter had pocketed thousands of dollars, thanks to Musk’s reforms of the platform.

Formerly verified people such as Lorenz, who declined to subscribe to Twitter Blue, did not collect any of the earnings.

For a hit piece in the Post that was published on Thursday, Lorenz reached out to Raichik — with whom she has a history — via private messages that the conservative shared screenshots of for her followers.

“Hi Chaya, I’m doing a story on Twitter’s monetization program for creators. Did you receive any payout from Twitter?” Lorenz asked.

She continued, “I noticed that you haven’t posted about it. Is that because you weren’t invited to participate?”

Raichik responded and asked her full comment to be included.

It read, “It’s none of your business.”

Lorenz refused to let up and continued to message the social media star.

“You’ve bragged about monetization previously on other platforms, were you not included in Musk’s group?” Lorenz asked her. “Has your relationship with Twitter soured?”

In her response, the Libs of TikTok creator stated:

“My relationship with Twitter has not soured. In fact, it’s thriving! Elon and I are actually dating. Please don’t tell anyone because we’re keeping it quiet. You have a name for being very trustworthy and honest so I know I can trust you with this information.”

Lorenz, who sensed the sarcasm, responded she would note in her story that she had received a “tongue-in-cheek response.”

Raichik was not finished trolling the far-left reporter.

She wrote back, “I’m writing a story on people who suffer from Elon Derangement Syndrome and refused to pay for a blue check and/or took a lot of their content off Twitter.”

Raichik then asked, “I’m curious if they have any regrets now that they’re seeing creators get massive cash payouts. Can you give a comment as I believe you fit this category?”

The reporter responded, “No.”

Muk repsonded to the trolling with a pair of laughing-until-they’re-crying emojis:

Raichik successfully built Libs of TikTok into an influential account anonymously until Lorenz doxed her last April.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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