Department of Defense Memo Says Trans Soldiers on Hormone Therapy Can Skip Deployments

Transgender soldiers in the U.S. Military who are on hormone therapy can skip deployments, according to a Department of Defense memo.

This raises obvious questions about the very idea of trans people joining the armed services, which is already a hot-button issue.

Why should trans people get special treatment in this way?

Breitbart News reports:

DOD Memo Says Transgender Soldiers on Hormone Therapy Can Skip Deployments

Transgender soldiers receiving hormone therapy may avoid deployment for as many as 300 days, according to a February 2023 Department of Defense memo outlining treatment at the Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) at Fort Liberty.

The memo, first obtained and published by The Dossier, states that most service members “will require up to 300 days to be stabilized on cross-sex hormone therapy, and they will remain in a non-deployable status during that time.”

However, that timeline depends on when the service member is “clinically stabilized.”

The memo also states what other treatments and surgeries transgender troops may receive at WAMC at taxpayers’ expense.

The memo said after 12 months of hormone therapy, transgender service members can request “surgical care,” such as “upper” and “bottom” surgery.

It said transgender service members could also request surgery without first receiving hormone therapy.

How is this not a recipe for disaster?

What is the point of enlisting people who are unable to serve?


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