Democrat Rep. James Himes on Hunter Biden ‘He Broke the Law,’ and ‘Should Be Held Accountable’

Rep Jim Himes

Reprehensible Representative Jim Himes (D-Conn) once said that insulting former FBI Director James Comey is a grave sin. He even went so far as to say that  “people will burn in hell” for dissing leaker-liar James Comey and dirty cop Robert Mueller.

In 2017, Himes presented at a conference with a “Russian Spy” that was identified in the Mueller report, Joseph Mifsud.

Himes was also a champion of pushing the Russia hoax and downplaying the facts of the Deep State FISA abuse against President Trump.

Though he used the appearance to trash continue to trash President Trump,  his damning comments about Hunter Biden on Friday show just how bad things are getting for the Biden crime family.

Himes told MSNBC’s told Andrea Mitchell,  “It is clear that he broke the law with respect to taxes and possibly the ownership of a handgun. He should be held accountable for that.”

Newsmax reports:

As for House Oversight and House Judiciary Committee investigations into Biden family foreign influence peddling, Himes admitted Hunter Biden, up to and including the president, should be “held accountable,” too.

“If he traded on his father’s influence, he should be held accountable for that,” Himes said.


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