Democrat Georgia Mayor Makes Lame Excuse After Being Arrested on Burglary and Trespassing Charges – Homeowner Reportedly Held Mayor at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrived (VIDEO)

Credit: Fox 5 News

Fox 5 News Atlanta reported that Khalid Kamau, the socialist mayor of South Fulton, Georgia, was arrested Saturday morning after entering unlawfully entering a house and refused to accept responsibility. He was charged with criminal trespass and burglary in the first degree.

One could say he was leading by example considering his dangerous leftist policies encourage this sort of behavior.

Kamau was booked into the Fulton County Jail and was released at 8 P.M. Saturday night after posting an $11,000 bond. Look at the smile of his face during the mugshot.

Credit: Fulton County Jail

The City of South Fulton released the following statement following the mayor’s arrest:

The City of South Fulton is committed to upholding the law and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their position, are subject to the same fair and just treatment. As the investigation is still ongoing, we are unable to provide further details at this time.

Kamau made a lame excuse for his alleged crime while “apologizing” to his constituents: he said he thought the house was abandoned and just wanted to see it. Of course, Kamau never bothered to do basic homework beforehand.


After making the excuse, Kamau went on to say that he hoped his arrest would “highlight some of the inequities that have been happening” in South Fulton. Was he implying that his arrest was an example of an inequity?

The socialist mayor may have gotten away with his alleged criminal activity if not for a heroic action by the property owner. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the homeowner held Kamau at gunpoint until the police arrived on scene.

Kamau was sworn in as mayor in January 2022 after serving five years on the City Council. Prior to elected office, Kamau worked as a labor and community organizer.


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