Cover-Up in Plain Sight: Secret Service Investigation Into Bag of Cocaine will “Conclude” Early Next Week Regardless of Whether a Suspect is Identified

The Biden White House cocaine story keeps changing.

A baggy of cocaine was discovered in the West Wing over the weekend after Hunter Biden visited the White House.

At first, it was reported that the cocaine was found in the Library.

Then on Tuesday night, it was reported the cocaine was stashed in a “cubby” in a storage facility in the West Wing.

Secret Service agents are investigating surveillance footage, visitor logs, and fingerprints to find out who brought the cocaine to the White House.

The Regime-friendly media is starting to lower expectations.

MSNBC is now saying we may never know who actually brought the cocaine to the White House because the area “wasn’t necessarily covered by cameras all that well.”

The Secret Service is expected to conclude the cocaine investigation early next week regardless of whether a suspect is identified.

Nothing to see here, move along!

CNN reported:

The Secret Service is expected to conclude its investigation into a bag of cocaine found in the West Wing early next week, a federal law enforcement official told CNN – regardless of whether a suspect is identified.

As of Thursday afternoon, investigators had yet to receive results of the DNA or fingerprint analysis, but had already begun reviewing visitor logs and security camera footage.

This timeline reflects the current progress of the investigation, but law enforcement investigations are fluid and that timeline could shift.

The official reiterated that it may be difficult to identify a culprit given how many people walk through the entrance near where the bag of cocaine was found.

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