BREAKING UPDATE: Zelensky Associate Was Present at Biden Bribery Meetings – Then Went to Work for President Zelensky Who Now Is Holding Blackmail Information Against Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Author Peter Schweizer went on with Jesse Watters on Monday night where he proceeded to drop another bomb on the Biden Crime Family.

According to Schweizer, who wrote a best-seller “Secret Empires” on the Biden Family crimes, told Jesse that one of Vlodomyr Zelensky’s top officials was sitting in the room when they were discussing bribing the Bidens, Joe and Hunter.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has a top official who was sitting in on meetings where they talked about bribing the Bidens.

Schweizer suggests Zelensky is using this as leverage over the Biden regime for weapons and billions in US dollars.

Peter Schweizer: We’ve been at this since 2018.
** They initially said there were no foreign deals.
** Then they shifted and said there were. There might have been foreign deals, but the Bidens made no money.
** Then it became Joe Biden didn’t know about any of the deals.
** Then it became Joe Biden didn’t participate in any of the deals.
** And now it’s that he was not in business with his son.

Look, the implications for this are huge, Jesse.

If you look at that 1023 form that the FBI released, if that document is true, that document reveals that one of the people that was at those meetings that heard the conversations about bribing the Bidens worked for – President Zelensky. Who really wants to believe, if that meeting took place and that document is accurate, that that individual did not go and report to President Zelensky what he heard?

And again, if that document is true, who wants to believe that President Zelensky and his administration have not used that as leverage over Joe Biden when it comes to negotiations on Ukraine policy?

We may all have to start learning the Ukrainian word for compromise because this is a very clear indication of how this has shaped this administration’s policy towards Ukraine and also towards China.

It is also convenient for Zelensky that there is not a team of US auditors in his country tracking where all of this money went.

Via Midnight Rider.

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