BLM/LGBT Activist Claims Conservative Media Reports About Philly Mass Shooter Are ‘Violence’ Against Trans People (VIDEO)

After the recent mass shooting in Philadelphia, some media reports said that the shooter was trans because there are photos of the male shooter dressed in women’s clothing.

One LGBT and BLM activist is claiming that these reports are ‘violence’ against trans people.

Perhaps people should be more concerned about the actual acts of violence perpetrated by the shooter.

Townhall reports:

LGBTQ Activist Says This Is Who the Real Victims Are After Philly Mass Shooting

Asa Khalif, a Black Lives Matter activist who serves on the Philadelphia DA’s office LGBTQ advisory committee, said conservative media sharing photos of the male suspect in the recent mass shooting wearing women’s clothing is committing verbal violence because it is targeting the transgender community.

Khalif said it is wrong for the media to disseminate the photos because Kimbrady Carriker does not identify as transgender.

“I want to discuss very briefly because there is a nasty, violent in terms of verbal, and written words spewed by the conservative press…They have used those pictures to attack trans people and particularly trans people of color, which are extremely vulnerable to violence in our community,” Khalif told reporters.

“But the language spewed out by the conservative press is violent and is dangerous and is targeting trans women of color. It’s rallying the community to be violent and we’re better than that,” he added, saying the transgender members of Philadelphia are not killers.

See the video below:

The shooter reportedly uses they/them pronouns.

Maybe the focus in this case should be on the real victims, the people who were shot.


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