Arrest Warrant Issued for Abortionist Who Hit Pro-Life Activist With His Car — Twice

An arrest warrant has been issued for an abortionist who hit a pro-life activist with his car — twice.

Abortionist Theodore Roummel ran over sidewalk counselor Mark Zimmerman outside the Women’s Center of Saginaw in Michigan in June.

“I was standing in the driveway and the abortionist ran over my leg [using his vehicle]. And then he had to reverse to get off my leg, so he ran me over twice,” Zimmerman told Live Action News. “He parked his car and came over when the police came, and was screaming at the police about how we always run in front of him — we don’t. But I have four witnesses who saw what happened. So they gave a statement to police, and he was not arrested. He went about and finished his day by doing five abortions.”

The incident left Zimmerman with a fractured tibia.

“It’s close to my ankle, and so I have a stable brace to keep it in place,” Zimmerman told the outlet. “They’re going to put a rod in my tibia with a couple of pins and screws, and that’s less recovery time. I have a walker and a wheelchair that I’m using, and some crutches when I need them. But I have a lovely wife that’s taking care of me.”

Zimmerman was not informed that an arrest warrant for Roummel was issued, but it was discovered in a Freedom of Information Act request made by Pro-Life Michigan.

Lynn Mills, director of Pro-Life Michigan, has alleged that Roummell has hit other pro-life activists with his vehicle in the past. She said that he has gotten away with the crimes due to a lack of documentation or evidence.

“Roummel tried hitting me with his car; he has a habit of doing this,” she told Live Action. “Other pro-lifers have complained about him doing this before, at another location. They just wouldn’t follow up on it, they wouldn’t film it, so he kept getting away with it. But this is the second time pro-lifers in Michigan have caught it, captured it, and filed charges against it. And I think it’s important.”

After running over Mills in 2012, Roummel was arrested and charged with assault — but was only placed on six months of probation.

Zimmerman being hit was captured on security camera, but the owner of the clinic claims that he jumped in front of the abortionists car as an act of “terrorism.”

Live Action noted, “Though the arrest warrant has been made, it does not appear Roummel has been arrested yet. Mills noted that in the previous assault against her, he was allowed to surrender himself for arrest, which he did over two months later — a far cry from recent law enforcement raids on the homes of pro-lifers accused of violating the FACE Act.”

A GiveSendGo fundraiser for Zimmerman has raised over $10,000.

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