Angry British Driver Beats Up Crazy Climate Protester in Street – Protester Was Blocking Traffic in the Middle of the Road (VIDEO)

Credit: Twitter/Just Stop Oil

London, England – The silent majority worldwide is getting fed up with deranged leftists trying to disrupt their everyday lives.

The New York Post reported Thursday that a righteously piqued motorist in London has been filmed beating up a Just Stop Oil protester named Daniel Knorr who was blocking traffic in the middle of the road. Just Stop Oil was engaging in a so-called “slow walk” protest that reportedly caused a helpless pregnant woman to crash her car earlier.

Just Stop Oil is a radical leftist group in the United Kingdom advocating for the elimination of fossil fuels in the country. The group regularly engages in illegal tactics such as vandalism and obstructing traffic.

Video posted by the far-left group shows a male driver in a red hat smacking Knorr in the head and eventually knocking him to the ground. The driver then proceeds to kick Knorr while he’s down.

The driver in the video can be heard calling Knorr a “little sh*t.”


The man is next seen arguing with another person who steps in to intervene. He finally returns to a damaged silver Mercedes with his distraught female companion.

The New York Post notes the lady’s car was likely hit on the rear driver’s side by a van while attempting to change lanes to avoid the climate loons.

Knorr posted a statement afterwards blaming the police and fossil fuel companies for his actions.

If the police spent more time going after the people at the top who got us in this mess- the people in government and at the top of these fossil fuel companies who are destroying the lives of future generations, as well as the media moguls who create this toxic media space, to keep us divided; instead of going after people like this man, I’d be much happier. Then marching in the road wouldn’t even be necessary.

Fox News reports that this is not Knorr’s first brush with disrupting everyday lives. Just last month he was carried off the field by an English cricketer after running onto the pitch.

Just Stop Oil released a statement to the Daily Mail proclaiming Knorr a victim and that disrupting the lives of ordinary British citizens is necessary.

Daniel was assaulted while marching this morning, and remained nonviolent throughout. Disruption is difficult, but it’s necessary.


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