Anchor Brewery in San Francisco Closing its Doors After 127 Years

Over the past several months, we have covered the closure of numerous businesses in San Francisco, but this one has to hurt the people who live there the most of all.

Anchor Brewery has been a fixture in San Francisco for well over a hundred years and now they’re shutting down.

This is one case where it is primarily not about crime, drugs and homelessness. The brewery was deeply hurt by the closure of bars and restaurants during the pandemic. They were actually having trouble before that, but the pandemic sealed their fate.

ABC 7 News reports:

SF’s Anchor Brewing Company, country’s 1st craft brewery, shutting down after 127 years

After 127 years in business, San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company is shutting down.

According to a press release, the brewery has been facing challenging economic factors and declining sales since 2016.

“This was an extremely difficult decision that Anchor reached only after many months of careful evaluation,” Anchor Brewing spokesperson Sam Singer said. “We recognize the importance and historic significance of Anchor to San Francisco and to the craft brewing industry, but the impacts of the pandemic, inflation, especially in San Francisco, and a highly competitive market left the company with no option but to make this sad decision to cease operations.”

With roots dating back to the California Gold Rush, what’s often referred to as America’s first craft brewery is officially liquidating business.

“Right now, these are some tough economic times,” Singer told ABC7 News. “And Anchor’s demise is symbolic of that.”…

“Anchor sales were centered in bars, taprooms. When the pandemic came along, those ended completely,” Singer shared. “The company had switched to selling in grocery stores and markets and was late to the game to do that at a large level.”

Here’s a local video report:

Apparently, unionization may have played a role here as well.

It’s still sad news.

The hits just keep coming for San Francisco.


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