Alan Dershowitz on Hunter’s Sweetheart Plea Deal: ‘What Happened Here is so Obvious’ (VIDEO)

Alan Dershowitz is one of the great legal thinkers of our time and he appeared on Newsmax with Greta Van Susteren this weekend to offer his take on the Hunter Biden plea deal.

Dershowitz took the deal apart in a matter of minutes, saying that the judge in the case wisely ‘smelled a rat.’

He implied that Hunter’s defense team intentionally kept aspects of the deal quiet because they knew it wouldn’t be seen as realistic.

From Newsmax:

Many times in his career, Dershowitz said, he has gone to the prosecutor of a case he was defending and laid out the reasons why they’re not going to win in order to “scare the prosecutor into making a good deal.”

“There was nothing here to scare the prosecutor,” he said. “The case on the guns was open and shut, a documentary case. The case on the taxes was essentially admitted. So there was nothing to bargain with. And yet he got this apparently total immunity, and he’s going to get the total immunity.”…

“I smelled a rat, and she smelled a rat,” he said. “What happened here is so obvious. They had an oral agreement — you know, a handshake. Oh, he’s not going to be prosecuted, but we don’t want to put it up front in the agreement ’cause it’ll sound too much like a sweetheart deal, so let’s understand that he’s not going to be prosecuted.

“Then the defense lawyers made a mistake, and they went out and they bragged about it and they announced it. And the Justice Department said, Whoa, wait a minute — blanket immunity? We’re still investigating. That’s what tipped off the judge that there was a real problem.

Watch the video below:

Anyone with common sense can look at this deal and see that they were trying to give Hunter Biden special treatment.

He is part of the elite club. Membership has its privileges.

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