40 Human Skulls from Harvard Discovered Inside of Kentucky Man’s Apartment

FBI agents discovered over 40 human skulls inside a Kentucky man’s apartment in connection to an investigation into stolen human body parts from Harvard Medical School’s morgue.

The man occupying the apartment was James Nott and he was arrested after agents made the gruesome discovery.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported six people have been charged for selling and stealing body parts from Harvard medical school and an Arkansas morgue.

The charges alleged Cedric Lodge, who managed the Anatomical Gifts Program at Harvard Medical School, stole and sold human remains used for medical research.


Approximately 40 human skulls were found among bones and body parts inside a Kentucky apartment.

The discovery was made as FBI agents served a search warrant Tuesday in connection with the investigation into stolen human remains that were trafficked from Harvard Medical School’s morgue.

James Nott, who lives in the apartment, was arrested after the discovery.

Federal investigators initially received a tip that there were possibly human remains at another home, that of Jeremy Pauley in Pennsylvania. After officers found human remains — including organs and skin — the FBI determined Pauley was buying the remains through Facebook from a woman who worked at a mortuary in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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6 Charged for Stealing and Selling Body Parts from Harvard Medical School and an Arkansas Morgue


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