17-Year-Old New York Football Player in Coma After Collapsing on the Field Due to “Cardiac Event” – Had No Known Heart Problems

Credit: Robert Bush GoFundMe

A New York high school football player is on life support after collapsing on the football field at Newfield High School earlier this week.

The New York Post reported that 17-year-old Robert Bush was undergoing conditioning drills Monday afternoon with his teammates when he suddenly bent over and passed out.

One of his brothers, Steve Bush, told Newsday that Bush suffered a “cardiac event.” He is now in a coma.

Coaches performed CPR and used a defibrillator to try to revive Bush. Emergency medical teams then rushed him over to Stony Brook University Hospital according to the Post.

Bush went without blood or oxygen to his brain for more than 45 minutes. Steve gave a heartbreaking message on Thursday revealing his brother has no more brain function and that they are preparing to say goodbye.

There’s no more brain function. We are dealing with the end right now.

The Post notes that it’s still not clear what caused Bush’s cardiac event. The family explained that he never showed any signs of heart problems.

Robert Bush had joined the football team in an attempt to improve his health and conditioning according to his brother. He was making progress in efforts to make varsity despite not being the most gifted athlete.

He’s a shorter kid, so we always told him, you’re like the Rudy, said Steve Bush

Chris Bush, another brother told Newsday that he basically raised Robert and taught him to play football. He marveled at Robert’s determination.

He was always trying to get better and better because he was never a tall guy. But he’s got the motivation of 50 guys. He’s always trying to make himself better.

Now Steve Bush is distraught over the life his younger brother will likely never get to enjoy even if he survives.

He wanted to get married. He wanted to have kids like all of us. So, as you can tell, knowing where he was in his life and how far he’s taken it just in the last two years, it’s killing us.


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