YouTube Star Mr. Beast Reveals He Was Invited to Ride the Titanic Submarine

The biggest YouTube personality in the United States has revealed he was invited to join a trip on the Titan submersible that recently imploded while taking a tour to the Titanic.

Jimmy Donaldson in a tweet stated “I was invited earlier this month to ride the titanic submarine, I said no. Kind of scary that I could have been on it.”

He then shared a text message he sent to a friend that read “I’m going to the Titanic in a submarine late this month. The team would be stoked to have you along.”


Donaldson is no stranger to doing risky stunts for views.

He once was even buried alive for over 50 hours.


The most subscribed YouTuber in the United States is also know for his philanthropic work too.

In January he released a video of him financing over 1,000 blind people to receive medical treatment to see for the first time.



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