WOW: Starbucks Ordered to Pay Over $25 MILLION to Ex-Manager Because She Was Fired for Being White – Was Scapegoat for Two Black Men Getting Arrested for Breaking Company Policy

Credit: the Daily Mail

It is a rarity in today’s America when justice prevails. But this is exactly what happened in New Jersey this week.

A white Starbucks regional manager named Shannon Phillips was fired back in 2018 after her staff refused to let two black men use the bathroom at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. She sued the coffee giant one year later claiming she was fired for being white.

The Daily Mail revealed on Monday that Phillips won $25 million in punitive damages and 600,000 in compensatory damages. A federal jury found that she was indeed fired because of the color of her skin, which is a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

In April 2018, two black men named Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson arrived for business meeting and were waiting for another person to arrive. Nelson was denied permission to use the restroom because he had not purchased anything. Starbucks policy says people must purchase something before using the restroom.

As CBS News reported, a store employee arrived and asked the pair if they needed any assistance. After Nelson and Robinson said no, Starbucks staff contacted police.

Once they arrived, they arrested the pair and escorted them from the café.

The network notes that their arrests prompted protest from BLM agitators after video of the incident came out. They accused Starbucks racism and threatened to boycott the place.

Starbucks management later moved to coddle the agitators. CEO Kevin Johnson made the trek to Philadelphia to personally apologize to the men. He then ordered then 8,000 locations to be closed on a temporary basis so that the company’s 175,000 employees could undergo racial-bias training.

In her lawsuit, Ms. Phillips revealed she had no involvement in the detainment of the two individuals but was still terminated a month later. Instead, it was a black employee who dialed 911 after Nelson and Robinson sat down and refused to depart when requested.

Moreover, Phillips also said that Starbucks started punishing white employees who weren’t involved weeks later but gave black ones a complete pass.

This was a total travesty of justice across the board. One can only hope the other employees who were mistreated have the courage to come forward.

Bravo to this woman for standing up.


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