Wisconsin Democrats Openly Defy State Election Law to Indefinitely Keep Election Administrator in Place for 2024 Election Cycle

Guest post by Jefferson Davis
Madison – In what can only be described as openly defiant and breath-taking behavior on behalf of the three democrats on the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC), state election law appears to have been deliberately and purposely ignored on June 27th at the WEC Meeting regarding the reappointment of the Administrator of Elections.
The Wisconsin Election Commission’s three Democrats voted to “abstain.” The three Republicans voted to move the appointment matter of the Administrator forward on the appointment consideration of the Administrator of Elections Position. This caused a deadlock so that the current Administrator would, in the Democrats’ mind, remain in place indefinitely.
Wisconsin voters were then invited by these three Democrats to sue them in court if they didn’t like their decision on the Wisconsin Election Commission to keep the Administrator of Elections in place indefinitely.
The current Administrator of Elections, Meagan Wolfe  was legally and statutorily appointed to a 4-year term in 2019 that is, by law, scheduled to “expire” at 12:01 A.M. on July 1, 2023, per Wisconsin State Statute 15.61 (1) (b) – see here – Wisconsin Legislature: 15.61.
The legal and public June 27, 2023, WEC Agenda, (see here – Special Meeting 6/27/2023 | Wisconsin Elections Commission) specifically had as an agenda item the consideration of an Interim Administrator as the Administrator for the 4-year Term “Expiring” on July 1, 2027.
The three Democrats on the Commission immediately expressed what was on their mind.  On how Wisconsin is so fortunate to have someone of Wolfe’s stature to administer elections in Wisconsin that has become the envy of so many election officials across America.
The Speaker of the Assembly, Robin Vos (R-Rochester), joined many other Republican elected officials in calling for the resignation of Meagan Wolfe in 2021 due to, what was in their opinion and observation, the gross and negligent mishandling of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin supposedly decided by 20,682 votes under very suspicious administration of elections activity.
The three Democrats then went on to stipulate in some fashion that they don’t have the “authority”, “jurisdiction” or “power” to address the appointment matter for the Administrator position on the agenda.
The three Democrats then went on to disclose that they believe there is no “vacancy” in the Administrator Position per Statute 15.61 (1) (b) and 17.03  and therefore, Meagan Wolfe, can remain Administrator indefinitely and no appointment vote is needed on behalf of the Commission.
Democrats being Democrats, purposely conflated the Administrator’s Term expiring on July 1, 2023, with the statutory language of “vacancy” in statute 15.61 and 17.03 to deliberately confuse the issue and control the narrative and optics for the press and media in Wisconsin to provide what appears to be cover for them and the current Administrator.
Vacancy, per Statute 17.03, only applies to “public office”, not Agency Administrators.
Democrats then went on to argue that the Prehn Decision would allow the current Administrator to remain in place indefinitely.
The Prehn Decision involved a DNR Board Member and not the Administrator of a major Wisconsin government agency who just happens to have an effect on the administration of elections in Wisconsin.
In an absolute act of arrogant defiance of State Election Law and specific statutory responsibilities for the Wisconsin State Senate, Democrat Commissioner Thomsen, a practicing attorney, then proudly stated
     “I will take my shot with the courts rather than the Senate.”
To view the arrogant and condescending behavior and attitude of the Democrats’ total disregard for state election law, please view the attached 43-minute video from yesterday’s meeting.
A wise man once asked, “Do you know what the difference is between a snake and a Democrat?  There are just some things a snake won’t do.”
What’s the pathway forward for Democrat lawbreakers?
Democrats seem to have a propensity to use the courts to find ways around the law.
Republicans seem to only use the courts to have the laws enforced.
Wisconsin needs to ask itself once and for all, “When is enough, enough with these law-breaking Democrats who have unlimited resources and dare anyone to sue them in hopes of getting their way while everyone else just gives up and surrenders.”
Wisconsin deserves better and hopefully, some very wise and dedicated people will not give up and do the right thing by addressing the latest attempt of Democrats to be in your face by openly breaking the law involving the administration of elections with integrity.

t attempt of democrats to be in your face by openly breaking the law involving the administration of elections with integrity.

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