“When Will You Give Up Your Six Body Guards?” – Conservatives Dunk All Over Gavin Newsom After He Proposes Four-Part Constitutional Amendment to Restrict Gun Rights (VIDEO)

Credit: @GavinNewsom


Not satisfied with getting humiliated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over and over again, Gavin Newsom has decided to beclown himself once more.

Newsom took to Twitter Thursday morning to announce he was proposing a new four-part constitutional amendment to restrict gun rights in America.

He laughably claims this will end the nation’s so-called gun violence epidemic.


Newsom also went on far-left NBC “News” to brag about his proposal. The network in a tweet characterized Newsom’s disgusting idea as “historic.”

Unfortunately for Newsom, NBC “News” does not represent real America. Conservatives dunked all over him in the comments section on Twitter.

Here are the best tweets:

Heaven help us if this man ever becomes a serious presidential contender.


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