WAYNE ROOT: Democrats’ Indictment of Trump is a Declaration of War. Why is This Insanity Happening? Here’s How We Fight Back.

By Wayne Allyn Root

Are you getting the subtle impression that Democrats don’t want President Trump to win in 2024? That they’re scared to death of Trump? That they’re so desperate to stop him from winning again, that they want him to rot in a prison cell for life?

Congratulations. You’re not a complete moron.

The Feds just indicted Trump on fake, lame, trumped-up charges. But didn’t Democrats just try this trick in New York? It didn’t work then. It won’t work now. And it won’t work next week when a DC grand jury indicts Trump. And it won’t work next month when a Georgia grand jury indicts Trump. This is Groundhog Day.

Remember Bear Bryant? He was the greatest college football coach of all-time. He once said, “Choose which team you want to coach., I’ll beat you with my team…or I’ll beat you with your team.”

That’s Trump. He’ll beat you while under New York indictment. He’ll beat you while under federal indictment. He’ll beat you while wearing an ankle bracelet. He’ll beat you from a prison cell. You’re not gonna break him. And you’re not gonna break us- the Silent Majority (Trump’s base). Because we all know after they beat or break Trump, they’re coming for us next.

So, why is this insanity happening?

First, Trump Derangement Syndrome. Democrats are clearly mentally-ill. Their irrational hatred of Trump has driven them to emulate the worst tyrants in world history, willing to do anything to destroy their opposition. Democrats are so mentally ill with TDS, they need a straight-jacket, rubber room and a kiss from mommy.

Second, “I told you so.” I’ve argued for 2 ½ years now that we are experiencing a communist takeover of America. This isn’t “socialism.” This is pure communism thug tactics. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez would be proud of this Biden regime.

The hallmarks of communism are rigged elections; bans on free speech; silencing all dissent; censorship; propaganda; the weaponization of government; forced experimental vaccinations; police state raids on your critics; arresting your political opponents. Look around. We are there.

Third, this is the Saul Alinsky playbook. Alinsky taught his communist disciples (which included Obama and Hillary) “the ends justify the means.” He also taught his students to “look in the mirror, whatever you see in that mirror, blame the other guy.” This indictment of Trump is classic Alinsky. Democrats look in the mirror and they see radical communist criminals, thugs and traitors. So, they indict Trump to cover-up their own crimes.

Classified documents in a former president’s home? Really? Versus Biden’s $10 million Burisma bribe in Ukraine? That’s like putting Trump in prison for 20 years for jaywalking, while letting Democrats skate for crimes against humanity.

Fourth, this is Democrats using WMDs (ie “Weapons of Mass Distraction”). The skeletons of Biden are pouring out of the closet as we speak. Biden is a world class criminal and conman. The extortion of countries like Ukraine and China by the Biden Crime Family makes the Gambino Crime Family look like amateur pickpockets.

This is a “Wag the Dog” moment. The timing of this indictment versus Trump is perfectly timed to cover up all the serious Biden crimes currently tumbling out of the closet. This whole charade is a WMD to fool ignorant, low-information voters (pretty much the entire Democrat base).

Fifth, Trump keeps confounding Democrats. They can’t figure out how to stop him, so they keep framing him, persecuting him and indicting him. And yet in response, he keeps going up in the polls. The New York arrest was the best thing that ever happened to Trump. He rose double digits in the polls afterwards. He’s currently up by seven over Biden. He’s up by 30 to 40 over the GOP presidential primary competition. DeSantis has faded into also-ran status.

So, tell me how this indictment will be different? This is a vicious cycle. Frustrated Democrats keep throwing indictments at Trump, he grows more popular, so desperate Democrats throw yet more indictments. It won’t change a thing. Trump will grow more popular. Groundhog Day.

Sixth, this is all happening because the GOP is a bunch of pathetic, wimpy, cowards- afraid of their own shadow.

Months ago, I laid out the perfect strategy to stop the weaponization of government by Democrats. The dumb GOP didn’t listen. If they had followed my strategy the persecution of Trump would have stopped cold.

My strategy was simple: Republican Attorney Generals and DAs in red states need to indict the real criminals- Obama, Hillary, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Mayorkas, Dr Fauci, etc. The list is endless. These are real criminals who have committed treason. They’ve sold out America to China, the CCP, the Mexican Drug Cartels and Big Pharma.

Go after them. Two can play this indictment game. The best defense is a good offense. Start indicting famous Democrats and the persecution of Trump will end. Democrats will put up the white flag. But as long as they have a “free roll” they’ll keep indicting and intimidating Republicans.

Lastly, God is great. God always wins. This is God’s plan. The Democrats in power and the people who run our government are evil. Demonic. Satanic. This isn’t normal. The things they’re doing are Nazi Gestapo-like, Soviet KGB-like, East German Stasi-like. God has done us a favor- he’s revealed what Democrats are really like.

This is war. This is life or death. This is the end of America, if we don’t fight fire with fire.

But Democrats have picked a fight with the wrong crowd. America beat Hitler. America defeated the Soviet Empire. You think we’re going to let a brain-dead old man with dementia and diapers trample our rights and freedoms? You’re going down.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Watch Wayne’s TV shows- “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV Network on Saturdays at Noon ET…and Wayne’s daily TV show on Lindell TV 2 at 7 pm ET at FrankSpeech.com. He is also host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Audio Network, daily at 6 pm ET. Wayne’s latest book is a #1 bestseller, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” You can order here: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Patriot-BUY-cott-Book-Conservative/dp/099173372X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1676215826&sr=8-1


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