Vladimir Putin Does Love Tanks

In posting the following videos from pop culture I am not trying to make light of the plight of destruction facing Ukrainian forces as they hurl themselves against trained, entrenched Russian forces. These two snippets from an episode of Game of Thrones is an eerily prescient portrayal of what is happening to Ukraine. The masters of Meereen reflect the arrogance and hubris of Ukraine and its NATO masters. The leaders of Meereen haughtily assumed that their attack on the forces of Daenerys Targaryen would shatter her and send her crying into the wilderness. Boy, did they make a mistake.

Think of Vladimir Putin as Daenerys Targaryen only without the golden locks and smoking hot body. Ukraine is sending its forces into the Russian maw and are being decimated at an unprecedented rate. Once again, Simplicius provides the best overview of the slaughter underway.

Apart from being outnumbered and growing deficits in tank and artillery, the biggest obstacle Ukraine faces is the fact that the foreign trained brigades being tossed into this maelstrom have not been trained to carry out a coordinated attack. Let me put it in simpler terms. Image 9 College marching bands from 9 different countries speaking 9 different languages arriving at the NFL Super Bowl and being asked to perform a half-time show. While each band may be proficient in playing their own music and performing routines unique to their University they have not had time to practice playing the same piece of music nor have they spent time choreographing a joint performance. That is a recipe for chaos and that appears to be what is unfolding in Ukraine.How in the name of all things Holy can the press and leaders in the West be surprised by “greater-than-expected resistance from Russian forces?” Hell, Helen Keller, were she still alive, could see this coming. The NATO planners bought into their own bullshit in believing that the Russian Army was poorly trained, poorly led and suffering from massive shortages. That is the only explanation I can come up with to account for this gross miscalculation.

NATO is overly dependent on ISR (i.e., Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) platforms that can tell you where troops and equipment are situated but cannot discern the capabilities and morale of the Russian troops. My apology for beating a dead horse but I must reiterate that Russian enjoys a lopsided intelligence advantage. Russian ISR capabilities are at least equal to anything the West has, but it has other Aces to play that NATO does not. I am certain that Russia has ample human sources planted in NATO and Ukrainian military headquarters and units and knows what Ukraine is planning to do and where it intends to mount its attacks. That kind of robust human intelligence is invaluable

Even if Ukraine manages to pull off a surprise attack in an undefended sector along the Russian defensive lines, Russia has the logistics in place to deploy forces and staunch any breakthrough. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Russia has at least 10 times the number of troops available to throw into any breach that Ukraine tries to exploit.

We are witnessing a historical moment as consequential as the Soviet Operation Bagration in World War II, which broke the back of the Nazi forces. While the scale of the fighting and dying in this Ukraine offensive is minuscule compared to Bagration, the strategic effect is comparable. The failure of the Ukraine offensive not only eviscerates Ukraine’s ability to mount future consequential operations, it also exposes NATO as a toothless, albeit malevolent, Leopard.


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