Update: Germany’s Populist AfD Party Wins First County Commissioner in East Germany – So now the Federal Government Wants to Ban Them


The German right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party won their first major local majority Sunday in East Germany. As the government’s disastrous far-left policies drive more and more voters to the partiotic Alternative, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser now wants to ban the second-most popular party in Germany.

Despite all other parties allying against him, lawyer Robert Sesselmann won the County Commissioner’s chair in Sonneberg in East German Thuringia with 52.8% of the vote in regional by-elections. “People want to send a signal with their vote, not just elect a commissioner in Germany’s tiniest county”, Sesselmann told Junge Freiheit.

The AfD is currently the second-most popular party in Germany at 20%


As Germany is hit by recession and spiralling energy costs, more and more voters have turned to the patriotic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party founded 2013 as a protest party against the bank bailouts and Euro currency. When Angela Merkel threw the German borders open in 2015 and invited more that 2 million illegal migrants in, the AfD became the only party opposing mass illegal migration. In 2017, they were voted into the Bundestag parliament with 12.6% of the vote. In 2019, Gateway Pundit awarded the Eagle Award to AfD MP Petr Bystron, a Czech refugee from communism.

The German left-wing government responded by sending the secret police and taxpayer-funded Antifa goons after the AfD, as Gateway Pundit had predicted 2018. Yesterday, Antifa-friendly Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced she would seek to have the second-most popular party in Germany banned.


German Politicians Move to Ban and Eliminate the AfD Populist Party – The Largest Opposition Party in Germany Saying It’s a “Threat to Democracy” – Where Have We Heard This Before?






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