UPDATE: Chris Wray Did Not Admit FBI Had Damning Biden China Bribery Document – Until James Comer Notified Him He Already Had Seen the Filing (VIDEO)

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joined Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria on Thursday morning.

Rep. Comer told Maria Bartiromo that dirty FBI Director Chris Wray told Comer he did not have the damning Joe Biden bribery document until James Comer told him he had already seen it.

Chairman James Comer: He offered us the opportunity to come look at it in a private SKIF but he was going to redact it. My experience with getting documents from the FBI, when they’re redacted it’s all black lines. They don’t show you anything. But I’m going to say on this show. What we told Director Ray, what Senator Grassley told Director Ray, is he and I have already seen the 1023 form. We knew what was in the 1023 form. Until we told Director Ray that he never even admitted that the form existed.

So the level of confidence that we have with Director Wray only went down, it only declined throughout the conversation. So we will go there and look at the Redacted document but we know what’s in the document and the reason we find this allegation credible not only because of the credibility of the whistleblower but because we’ve seen a pattern of Joe Biden when he was vice president, leaving a country after he talks about foreign aid and foreign policy and his family members start receiving payments from that company through shell companies that are then laundered down to Biden family members. So there is a pattern of behavior and we saw that in Romania, we’ve seen that in China, we’ve seen that in other countries that would suggest that this allegation has merit. Look, the Durham report proved that the FBI has lots of issues. We brought that up.

Senator Grassley and I reminded Director Ray that the Durham report was devastating to the credibility of the FBI and his response was that that all happened before he became FBI director. Director Ray, to be clear, will now face contempt of Congress unless he produces this document like we asked this unclassified document by Tuesday or Wednesday whenever we have the markup.

Wray is lying and playing games. Congress needs to act. The FBI is a dangerous organization that is out of control.

Via The Storm Has Arrived:

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