“UFO Crashes” in Las Vegas: Police Bodycam Captures Mysterious Event as Residents Report Encounter with “Non-Human Beings” (VIDEO)

Photo From Video Footage Obtained by KLAS

Guest Post by Shawn Bradley Witzemann (TMI)

A Las Vegas, Nevada family says they saw very large “non-human beings” in their backyard just moments after an unidentified object crashed into their backyard.

KLAS is reporting that on April 30th, around 11:50 PM, a strange object was recorded on Las Vegas Metro Police body cam, while streaking through the sky — presumably crashing near the family’s home.

While on the phone with emergency dispatch, the seemingly frightened caller reported, “They’re like 8 foot, 9 feet, 10 foot. They look like aliens to us.”

“They have big eyes,” he continued, “Like, I can’t explain it, and big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re human. They’re 100% not human.”

Police were quick to respond — arriving to the scene just 30 minutes after their own observations of the unidentified phenomena.

After police arrived on the scene, more family members corroborated what was reported to dispatch. Officers told the witnesses that they seemed “legit scared.”

I’m not going to BS, you guys,” the officer in the footage tells the family, “One of my partners said they saw something fall out of the sky, too.”


KLAS further reports that the American Meteor Society confirmed several reports in California, Nevada, and Utah of a bright flash in the sky.

Although there’s still no definitive answer as to what exactly transpired in the family’s backyard, multiple sources have been signaling that things would be getting more interesting. As Gateway Pundit reported just a few days ago, experts say disclosure is happening now.

David Grusch in front of H.R. 2988 via Twitter @Eyes_OnTheSkies

In an interview with LeParisian, David Grusch provided more information about his recent claims, and why he decided it was time to come out of the shadows. 

“For almost ninety years, the United States and its allies have been recovering fragments of objects and exotic objects, damaged or intact vehicles,” Grusch explained, “The analyses carried out have provided proof that these were non-human objects, particularly those discovered ninety years ago. The programs I’m talking about were dedicated to reverse engineering for military purposes. And that is unfortunately the main purpose.”

Theoretical physicist and advanced propulsion expert, Dr. Jack Sarfatti,told Tim Ventura the biggest reason for secrecy is a lack of understanding. He says those who have access to the technology haven’t grasped the “elementary physics” of UAP.

Dr. Jack Sarfatti via Screenshot Tim Ventura YouTube

 “You saw that in the NASA meeting they just had,” Sarfatti explained, “I mean those people are all very competent in their field, but they don’t have a clue what the hell’s going on.”

Admittedly, most of us don’t.

Let’s hope we can figure it out before an entire armada crashes into our backyards.


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