U.S. Border Patrol Set a Record in May for Terrorism Suspects Encountered

The media largely ignores the crisis at the southern border for political reasons. Simply put, they don’t want to make Biden look bad and they agree with the idea of flooding the country with people who they expect to vote Democrat.

But there is another major issue tied to the southern border and that is national security.

America’s enemies see that the border is open and some of them are taking advantage of this weakness.

In May, the Border Patrol set a record for encounters with terrorism suspects.

The Washington Times reports:

Border Patrol sets record with 29 terrorism suspects encountered in May

The Border Patrol reported encountering 29 terrorism suspects along the southern border in May, setting a new single-month record even as the government said the overall pace of illegal border crossings dipped.

Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the Border Patrol, said agents have now nabbed 125 people at the southern border whose names are flagged in the terrorist watchlist since the start of the fiscal year in October.

Even with four months to go in this fiscal year, that number still shatters the previous record set under President Biden last year, when agents encountered 98.

The new numbers were released Tuesday as part of a broader set of data suggesting major shifts in illegal immigration since the end of the Title 42 pandemic border policy on May 11 and the return to normal enforcement of immigration law under what is known as Title 8.

Nationwide, CBP reported 273,141 unauthorized migrants caught entering in May, which was down by about 2,000 compared to April. That includes both people who showed up at ports of entry without an entry visa, and migrants caught trying to sneak in between the ports.

Shouldn’t this be considered alarming news?

Of course, Biden and the Democrats are too busy trying to prosecute their political opponents to notice any of this.

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