Trump Responds to Leaked Recording of Him Discussing Classified Docs, Says It’s Election Interference

Former President Donald Trump speaks during a CNN town hall on Wednesday.

Former President Donald Trump has responded to a leaked recording obtained by CNN in which he appears to be discussing classified documents.

Trump asserted that he “did nothing wrong” and that this is “another hoax.”

The leading Republican presidential candidate discussed the leak in an interview with Fox News released on Tuesday.

“I would say election interference more than anything else. It’s a disgrace that they can do it,” Trump said. “Everything was fine. We did nothing wrong and everybody knows it.”

Trump has been charged with 37 felonies and arraigned by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice for allegedly keeping classified documents after he left office.

On the recording released by CNN, Trump says “It’s so cool” that he has information that is classified and “highly confidential.”

Speaking to Bret Baier last week, Trump said that “there was no document” and that he only talked about news clippings.

Fox asked Trump “how the audio recording squares with what he told Baier last week.”

Trump replied, “I said it very clearly – I had a whole desk full of lots of papers, mostly newspaper articles, copies of magazines, copies of different plans, copies of stories, having to do with many, many subjects, and what was said was absolutely fine. … We did nothing wrong. This is a whole hoax.”

The network also asked how he felt about the audio being leaked.

“My voice was fine. What did I say wrong on those recordings? I didn’t even see the recording. All I know is I did nothing wrong,” Trump said. “We had a lot of papers, a lot of papers stacked up. In fact, you hear the rustle of the paper. And nobody said that I did anything wrong other than the fake news, which is Fox, too.”

Asked if there may be other recordings, Trump said, “I don’t know of any recordings that we should be concerned with because I don’t do things wrong. I do things right. I’m a legitimate person.”

“I’m not like Biden that gets hundreds of millions of dollars from people and countries,” Trump continued. “We do things right, so I don’t care about any recordings,” Trump added.


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