Trump Campaign Attorney Christina Bobb Slams Florida Governor DeSantis – “He’s Banking On” Trump Being Removed by Biden’s DOJ (VIDEO)

On Friday, The Gateway Pundit interviewed Trump Campaign Attorney Christina Bobb to discuss the latest attacks on President Trump.

Last night, the Biden regime announced they were going to indict the leading Republican candidate in the 2024 election, President Donald Trump.

During the interview, Bobb called Kari Lake a “true leader” and an “absolute baller” after it was revealed that she will be attending President Trump’s arraignment in Miami on Tuesday to support him in his fight against the radical Marxist Biden Regime.

However, her admiration quickly turned to disapproval as she began to discuss DeSantis’ recent actions.

“She is a true leader, a strong leader. You know who is not and doesn’t appear to indicate that he’s going to be there on Tuesday, is the governor of Florida,” said Bobb.

“Not only is he not supporting the president in this, but the statement, the pathetic little statement that he made about how, when I’m president, I’m going to clean this up. First of all, he’s never going to be president. And second of all, why would we believe that you’re going to clean this up when you’re president? If you’re the governor of Florida? This case is happening in Florida. Why don’t you do something about it?” she added.

Christina Bobb slammed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, accused him of aligning with the political ‘Swamp,’ and hoped for the removal of former President Donald Trump from the race for his own political gains.

While acknowledging that DeSantis operates within the state court system and not the federal, she criticized him for not using his influence to intervene in the legal cases against Trump happening within his jurisdiction.

“He can absolutely have influence on this, and he’s choosing not to. You know why? Because he wants it to happen. The only way he stands a chance at trying to beat Donald Trump is if the Justice Department successfully removes Donald Trump from the race. And that’s what Ron DeSantis is banking on,” said Bobb.

“He is corrupted with the Swamp. He’s hoping the establishment wins. He’s hoping the establishment successfully removes Donald Trump from the race so that he has a shot at being president. He doesn’t.”

Bobb strongly condemned DeSantis’ actions and claimed that he “played the MAGA card,” but in reality, is partnering with the political establishment. She asserted that even if Trump were out of the race, DeSantis couldn’t defeat incumbent President Joe Biden.

“Even if Donald Trump were out of the race, he could not beat Joe Biden. Ron DeSantis will never win. I have said it before. I think Ron DeSantis’ career is over. The moment he took on Donald Trump, he lost.”

Bobb accused DeSantis of siding with the establishment and called upon voters, especially MAGA supporters, to recognize his actions. She maintained that DeSantis isn’t who he has led voters to believe he is.

“The struggle is corruption. The struggle is the establishment. And so we no longer have Republicans versus Democrats. We have establishment versus anti-establishment. MAGA is very much anti-establishment, and everybody thought Ron DeSantis was anti-establishment. Donald Trump certainly is anti-establishment. The establishment is prosecuting him; however they possibly can. Ron DeSantis firmly is siding with the establishment, and that’s what people need to recognize.”


You can watch the full interview below:

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