Tom Fitton Reveals Shocking Story of FBI Agents Targeting Him at His Home For Defending Trump After Mar-a-Lago Raid! (VIDEO)

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton revealed FBI agents knocked on his door and served him with a federal grand jury subpoena.

Fitton said he was at home on his couch recovering from “significant skin cancer surgery” when two FBI agents knocked on his door.

“Two FBI agents are at the door with a subpoena for me to testify to the grand jury presumably about this Mar-a-Lago issue,” Fitton told Fox News host Jesse Watters Thursday evening.

Tom Fitton said he was called in to the grand jury which he noted was “highly unusual.”

“And just before I go in to the grand jury the day before, they said ‘oh by the way, we want to ask you a little bit about this January 6 stuff, too,'” Fitton said.

Three prosecutors all ‘tag teamed’ Tom Fitton.

Fitton described his experience: “It was a four-hour MSNBC-style struggle session where they were arguing with me over tweets and electors and the Clinton sock drawer case and what I had for lunch at the White House.”

No actual crimes were presented to the grand jury, Fitton told Jesse Watters.

Fitton said he was targeted by the federal government because he defended Trump for taking presidential records to Mar-a-Lago.

“They wanted to know what I said to Trump at one lunch and what was his reaction,” Fitton said.

Fitton continued, “This is abuse of power! A fishing expedition and it was as political as anything you would see at a DNC convention!”


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