“This Is Evil!”- Wisconsin County Poised to Pass Four-Part Resolution to Become Nation’s First Sex Reassignment Sanctuary for “Trans and Non-Binary” Children So They Can be Transitioned without Parental Consent

Credit: @olilondon

The mask has completely dropped: leftists in government are now openly inviting adults from across America to allow the mutilation of innocent children without parental consent and have them exposed to X-rated material.

Fox News reported Monday that a liberal county in Wisconsin is considering a resolution that will declare sanctuary status for so-called “transgender and nonbinary individuals.”

Children are also included in the proposal as Oli London notes. The explicit purpose is so they can be transitioned without parental consent.

Fox News notes Dane County would be the first sex reassignment sanctuary for children in America.

Dane County includes the Wisconsin state capital of Madison, one of the most liberal cities in America.

The Board of Supervisors in Dane County will vote on the resolution this Thursday to ensure that they become the first in the nation to openly recruit adults cross-country to mutilate minors.

Here is their rationale:

In this hostile environment, some cities and counties across the country are taking steps to support and protect trans and nonbinary individuals. Dane County values its transgender and nonbinary residents and vigorously opposes measures that would allow legal violence toward trans people in accessing gender-affirming care or expression.

The resolution goes on to declare that sex reassignment drugs and procedures are a “fundamental right.” Moreover, the resolution requests the sheriff make enforcement of any new laws that penalize people or organizations providing “gender-affirming” care to children “their lowest priority.”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Dane County Board of Supervisors firmly states its commitment to protect transgender and nonbinary individuals, and believes that access to health care is a fundamental right and all people in Dane County and the State of Wisconsin should have access to all health care, including gender affirming care,” the resolution states.

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, if the state of Wisconsin passes a law that imposes criminal or civil punishments, fines, or professional sanctions on any person or organization that seeks, provides, receives or helps someone to receive gender-affirming care such as puberty blockers, hormones or surgery, the Dane County Board of Supervisors urges the Sheriff to make enforcement their lowest priority,” it continues.

Fox News reports that over half of the county’s supervisors have sponsored the resolution. Barring a major shift, Dane County becoming a sanctuary for minor mutilation is inevitable.

Conservative activist Scarlett Johnson first exposed the board’s nefarious plans and laid out the meaning of the resolution in more detail. As she notes, the gruesome parts of this proposal make Gavin Newsom and California look halfway reasonable.

Here are the four specific things the resolution says adults cannot stop children from according to Johnson.

Being exposed to pornographic materials.

Participating in sexualized drag queen shows.

Potential sterilization and medical harm from cross sex hormones.

Removing their genitalia/reproductive organs.

Johnson also reveals in a subsequent tweet that the supervisors cite the nation’s largest LGBTQ “rights” organization, The Human Rights Campaign in their proposal. Did they work with Dane County supervisors to help develop it?

Make no mistake, this an open declaration of war on America’s children. Conservatives noted how alarming and evil the proposal is.


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