Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs Allows Males to Intrude on Young Girls in Arizona’s K-12 Public School Restrooms, Showers, Locker Rooms – Veto’s Bill Calling it a “Discriminatory Act Against LGBTQ+ Youth.”

Katie Hobbs vetoed another bill today aimed at protecting minors in schools from radical transgender policies.

SB1040 would require Arizona public schools to “provide a reasonable accommodation to a person who is unwilling or unable to use specified facilities designated for their sex in a public school building or multi-occupancy sleeping quarters while attending a public school-sponsored activity.”

These reasonable accommodations include access to single-occupancy restrooms or changing facilities and use of employee restrooms or changing facilities. This would prevent undue hardship for students who are uncomfortable with members of the opposite sex using gendered facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, female students at a Peoria, Arizona high school were forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with male students who “insisted on using the girls’ bathrooms.”

Not a single Democrat voted for this bill protecting young girls.

Katie Hobbs vetoed the bill calling it “yet another discriminatory act against LGBTQ+ youth.” She added, “As I stated in my veto letter for SB1001, I will veto every bill that aims to attack and harm children.” SB1001 would preclude schools from requiring employees to use a pronoun that differs from a person’s biological sex. Katie Hobbs also vetoed this bill.

Similarly, Hobbs recently vetoed another bill making it illegal to film or facilitate sexually explicit acts in government buildings and classrooms months after a teacher in Arizona was fired for shooting a porno in her classroom and posting it to OnlyFans. 

Katie Hobbs does not care about children. Her agenda exposes children to sexual deviance.

Arizona State Senator John Kavanaugh put out a press release today, slamming Hobbs for refusing to protect female students and families from her woke “trans inclusive” insanity.

Hobbs Allows Males to Intrude on Young Girls in K-12 Public School Restrooms, Showers, Locker Rooms

PHOENIX, ARIZONA- In an effort to protect the privacy and safety of young girls in public school bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, while still providing separate designated spaces for transgender students, especially males who identify as females, Senator John Kavanagh sponsored SB 1040, the Arizona Accommodations for All Children Act.

After every Democrat in both the Senate and the House voted against the bill, Governor Katie Hobbs disgracefully vetoed it today, once again displaying a lack of care or concern for the safety and wellbeing of our Arizona kids.

SB 1040 would have limited access to public school restrooms, locker rooms, showers and hotel rooms on overnight school trips to members of the same biological sex at birth. However, the bill would have also required schools to provide access to single-occupancy restrooms, changing areas or showers for those students who don’t feel comfortable using facilities that match their biological sex, while also safeguarding female-only and male-only facilities. Additionally, the bill would have granted a private cause of action to individuals who encounter a person of the opposite sex in specified areas at public schools.

“Women and young girls deserve privacy and their own protected bathrooms, showers and locker rooms where they can have such privacy and are safe from the risk of sexual harassment or sexual violence. Unfortunately, Democrat Legislators and Governor Hobbs are catering to an extremist culture by pushing ‘gender neutrality’ as a means to win political points from their liberal base while stealing dignity away from women and girls in the process,” said Senator Kavanagh. “SB 1040 is about protecting our children while respecting the natural privacy rights of students. A 14-year-old female high school coed should not be forced to stand next to a naked, transgender female, who is actually an 18-year-old biological male. In a rush to become ‘trans inclusive,’ Governor Hobbs and fellow Democrats have forgotten about the needs of innocent young girls. This veto shows exactly how little they care to protect our female citizens.”

Kari Lake tweeted in response to Hobbs’ radical agenda,

Rigged elections have devastating consequences.

Arizona, I’m still fighting for us and for honest elections that ALL voters can trust.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake is not quitting her fight against the stolen 2022 election, where 59% of machines targeting Republican voters failed on Election Day. Lake’s attorneys have filed a Notice of Appeal against Judge Peter Thompson’s recent rulings, dismissing her lawsuit and evidence of rigged voting machines before trial. They plan to take their challenge all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that Maricopa County’s ballot printer source, OKI Data Americas, recently responded to the County’s sham ballot printer investigation report, debunking false claims and demanding a corrected report from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

NEW BOMBSHELL: OKI Ballot Printer Company Sends DAMNING “Response to Factual Errors in Maricopa County Elections Report” Debunking Maricopa County’s Lies About Ballot Printer Failures – LEFTWING MEDIA SILENT

This new evidence could bring even more life to Kari Lake’s attorneys’ claims that voting machines were secretly reprogrammed and fraudulently certified before the 2022 Election in Maricopa County. The Gateway Pundit reported on new evidence and footage that shows Maricopa County employees reprogramming the voting machines on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, after their statutory Logic and Accuracy testing, so that 59% of them would fail when Republican voters came in to vote on Election Day in 2022.

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