President Trump Vows to Stay in Presidential Race If Convicted

President Trump gave a final answer to America Saturday night regarding whether he will leave the race if convicted in court and potentially sent to prison.

As TGP’s Cassandra MacDonald previously reported , Trump announced on social media Thursday night that he had been informed that he had been indicted in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into his handling of classified documents.

He will be arraigned in Miami on Tuesday. The Biden regime decided to indict Trump over having classified documents at the Mar-A-Lago.

TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported that the federal indictment against Trump was released Friday afternoon and revealed the charges the former president is facing. It shows 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information, maximum: 10 years in prison, $250,000 fine. Counts: 32, conspiracy to obstruct justice, max 20 yrs, $250K; 33, withholding a document or record, max 20 yrs, $250K; 34, corruptly concealing a document or record, max 20 yrs, $250K; 35, concealing a document in a federal investigation, max 20 yrs, $250K; 36, scheme to conceal, max 5 yrs, $250K; and 37, false statements and representations, max 5yrs, $250K.

Because of this, there has been some speculation, mostly from political rivals, that Trump will have no choice but to exit the race if convicted.

But Trump’s response was one that will thrill MAGA country and anger his enemies.

In an interview with Politico on his plane Saturday evening, Trump revealed that even if he is convicted on the bogus federal indictment by counsel Jack Smith, he will continue running for re-election no matter what.

“I’ll never leave. Look, if I would have left, I would have left prior to the original race in 2016. That was a rough one. In theory that was not doable.”

As Politico noted, Trump is not barred from running for president from prison or as a convicted felon.

Trump went on to attack disgraced Special Counsel Jack Smith and correctly pointed out the case against him was garbage.

“These are thugs and degenerates who are after me.”

Trump went on to say that while he did not anticipate being convicted, he did not close the door on taking a plea deal. Trump did say they “would have to pay me some damages.”

The former president closed the interview by revealing his fundraising and poll numbers had skyrocketed following his indictment, though he wished it had come under better circumstances.

“Nobody wants to be indicted. I don’t care that my poll numbers went up by a lot. I don’t want to be indicted. I’ve never been indicted.

“I went through my whole life, now I get indicted every two months. It’s been political.”

He is right. As the Gateway Pundit reported, a former top Department of Justice official completely blew up Special Counsel Jack Smith’s inquisition against Trump with one simple tweet on Friday. He notes there is a key piece of information in the indictment that is grounds for a quick dismissal.

Why abandon ship if you have done no wrong and have a fighting chance to prevail? Only a fool would surrender.


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