Patriotic Pride Month #stolzmonat Takes Over Twitter – The Inclusive Pride Month for Everyone!


Kicking off with the beginning of “Pride Month” June 1, German YouTubers Shlomo Finkelstein, IdiotWatch and Miro stormed the Twitter charts with #stolzmonat, a Patiot Pride month that involves rainbow-striped versions of national flags. They have now expanded their “Pride Flag generator” to include US, UK, Irish and many other flags! Make your profile proud!

Modern-day Germans are not known for displaying partriotism. Ever since Russian-speaking Chancellor Angela Merkel threw her country’s flag off stage with look of disgust, the world has known that Germans have a patriotic pride problem. Traveling through Germany today, it is easier to find a Ukrainian or gay flag on display than a German one.

So a gang of young meme lords and shitposters resolved to change that under the hashtag #stolzmonat.

Twitter-savvy users around the world were quick to jump on the Pride bandwagon, including from Ireland, Scotland and Texas.

The trick is to use a “rainbow” version of your national flag to create a Pride Month that includes all citizens of your country.

Callum from the “Podcast of the Lotus Eaters” joined in:

Sargon of Akkad’s “Lotus Eaters” featured #stolzmonat on their YouTube show with 344 K subscribers:

While the left-wing media defamed #stolzmonat as anti-LGBTQ, it is actually more inclusive than the “Progressive” pride month, says German conservative gay activist David Berger.

Let the Proud Memes begin!



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