NBC News Surprised by Poll That Finds Vast Number of Americans Believe the 2020 Election Involved Fraud

A recent poll has found that a third of Americans believe the 2020 election involved fraud. That’s not very surprising. What is surprising is that the folks at NBC News are apparently mystified by this.

This is also a good reminder of the double standard. Progressive leftists in the Democrat party and the media were allowed to question the outcome of the 2016 election for four years, insisting that the Russia collusion hoax was real and that Trump was installed by Putin.

Yet when anyone questions the outcome of the 2020 election, the same people turn around and accuse others of promoting conspiracy theories.

From NBC News:

Almost a third of Americans still believe the 2020 election result was fraudulent

Three-in-10 Americans still believe President Joe Biden won his 2020 election only due to voter fraud, a new poll shows — a durable number that highlights the disconnect on one of the foundational issues facing American democracy.

A new Monmouth poll finds 30% of respondents believe Biden’s victory came thanks to voter fraud, while 59% say he won the election “fair and square.” That share is virtually unchanged in Monmouth’s polling since November of 2020 — the share of Americans who believe it remained between 32% and 29%.

There remains no evidence that widespread fraud substantially affected the outcome of the 2020 election, and virtually all of the dozens of legal cases filed by former President Donald Trump and allies were dismissed or withdrawn. But despite that, Trump has continued to repeat his claims the election was stolen from him, accusations elevated by other prominent allies along the way.

Virtually all Democrats (93%) say Biden won the election fairly, a view shared by 58% of independents. Just 21% of Republicans believe Biden won his election fair and square, while 68% say he won “due to voter fraud.”

Has anyone at NBC News heard about the Time Magazine article where the left bragged about the ‘shadow campaign’ that ‘saved’ the 2020 election?

They brag about it and then call you crazy for noticing.

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