Mother Shocked After DC Judge Rudolph Contreras Hands Down Unbelievable 57 Month Sentence to Young Father, Christian and Former Football Star Mason Courson (VIDEO)

J6 political prisoner Mason Courson

Guest Post By Shawn Bradley Witzemann |

Ahead of her son Mason Courson‘s Friday sentencing for his involvement at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, Angelica Rea asked for prayers and positivity.

After a series of complex and sometimes emotional arguments between attorneys, District Judge Rudolph Contreras sentenced Mason Courson to 57 months in prison, 3 years probation, and a $2,000 fine for the felony charge of “assaulting, resisting, or impeding a law enforcement officer with a dangerous weapon.”

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The Government Sentencing Memorandum requested 87 months in prison to be followed by 3 years probation, $2000 in restitution, and a hefty, $34,000 fine. Prosecutors argued that Courson “engaged in a prolonged course of violence on January 6th,” and highlighted a post-arrest interview in which he  “showed no remorse for his actions.”

Defense Attorney Nicholas Smith argued that his client deeply regretted his conduct, explaining “remorse for his involvement in the events at the Capitol that day,” along with a vow to never again “interfere with officers during a riot.” Smith further explained Courson’s “checkered” upbringing in Hollywood, Florida — a childhood scarred by mental and physical abuse at the hands of his father — struggles associated with growing up in a broken home.

According to a Condemned USA Courtroom Observer, Courson was not allowed to clean up before his appearance in court.

“They didn’t let him shave or change into a suit or get a haircut before court,” they explained, “He looked scruffy, and that’s by design.”

The observer also described how a previous case from the State of Florida weighed heavily against Courson — even though charges were dropped, long before ever being brought to trial. They said the Florida judge overseeing the case determined the charges were without merit. Unfortunately for Courson, the Feds don’t care.

“In federal court they can bring up charges as if they’re convictions,” the observer explained, “So the judge kept using that against him.”

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Courson’s mother, Angelica, expressed dismay with the process.

“I’m shocked that things are said based on previous charges, not convictions, and it’s allowed in the courtroom,” she said during a phone call on Friday afternoon, “It makes him sound really bad and that’s not who he is.”

According to Condemned USA’s observer, Judge Contreras acknowledged that Courson was overcharged, but did not feel compelled to dismiss anything. Although the prosecutor claimed that Mason struck an officer twice, the judge found no evidence. Condemned USA further reports that the defense attorney subpoenaed the police officer’s medical records, and no bodily injury was shown.

“It’s devastating because we’ve gone through almost 19 months,” his mother explained, “To think of another two and a half years. I just don’t fathom how we’re gonna make that happen. But we have to. He’s got a little boy that’s turning four in about six weeks. And the thought that he’ll be probably seven when he comes home to me is just inexcusable.”

In a shocking twist of insult to injury, Courson’s troubles may have only started. His plea was open  — allowing the government to pursue further convictions on yet another superseding indictment if they so choose.

“Now we’re sitting once again, waiting for the government to make a decision on if they’re gonna take us to trial and basically for no reason,” his mother explained, “I feel like these prosecutors just want it noted as another victory or more charges that they can add to their accolades…It’s a useless trial.”

Earlier in the day, Condemned USA Founder, Treniss Evans, expressed support for Courson and his family, calling him a “descendant of courageous men who would not kneel before tyrants.”

As Courson prepares to serve the remaining 2+ years of incarceration (leftover after time already served), his family looks forward to his return — hopeful that Americans can open their hearts and learn from the plight they’ve already endured.

“I just wish people understood that even the transcripts they’re reading in court are not a hundred percent factual…They do not show the guilt,” Angie explained, “I think a lot of people just turn a blind eye. It just sounds better to say, ‘oh, he was guilty of this and that was that, and they had a video’, and they don’t go any further. And it’s a shame because it’s not just these J6 cases. I’m positive this extends a lot further.”



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