Megyn Kelly Tears Up – Vows to No Longer Use Preferred Pronouns (VIDEO)

In a recent segment on her podcast, Megyn Kelly explained why she has changed her mind about the trans agenda and why she will no longer use preferred pronouns.

Kelly explains how she used to feel about the issue, and that she didn’t think it was a big deal. Yet now, we have moved beyond the slippery slope in many ways and Kelly is rejecting it.

She talks about how important it is for girls and women to have their own spaces.

Real Clear Politics provides a partial transcript:

MEGYN KELLY: I for one will not be celebrating this dishonesty. In fact, I’m in a very different place when it comes to this entire issue.

And that is the subject of today’s opening – Why I’m done with preferred pronouns…

I was an early proponent of using preferred pronouns as far back as the early 2000’s. Of saying “she” when I knew the truth was “he.” It seemed harmless and I had no wish to cause offense. Trans people were tortured enough, it seemed to me, by nature of their dysphoria and society’s disdain for them in general. So I complied. I went along with it.

I didn’t see the harm.

By 2016 we were debating bills to stop trans access to certain bathrooms which I covered from the news desk, siding with the trans community. How does it affect our lives as women if here or there a trans person uses a stall in our bathroom? These people aren’t bothering anyone – why wouldn’t we accommodate them?

I didn’t see the harm.

In 2018 while at NBC, I hosted shows on trans people, one of which had a segment on “trans kids.”

I led the audience in cheering for them, encouraging them to own who they are.

I used approved terms like “gender affirming care” for medicinal gender manipulations, “cis” to refer to natural born women and men, “assigned male at birth” instead of “born male.”

I smiled and listened politely as a guest told me “gender is just a social construct.”

At one point in her monologue Megyn Kelly teared up as she spoke about the pain women feel as society pushes this ideology on society.

Watch the video below, this is good:

There are probably a lot of people who had the same experience as Megyn and now find themselves in the same place.

The left pushed the country to the limit on this issue.


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