Liberal Hollywood Hypocrites Figure Out Way to Avoid New Los Angeles ‘Mansion Tax’

The people of Los Angeles recently passed a ‘mansion tax’ that is intended to raise funds to build affordable housing. It’s probably safe to assume that many of the liberals in Hollywood voiced support for this measure.

Lots of them don’t want to pay it, however.

They have already figured out a way to get around it. Anyone surprised?

Breitbart News reports:

Left-wing Hollywood Elite Sell Cheap to Avoid L.A.’s ‘Mansion Tax’

Members of the Hollywood elite are among those who have contrived to avoid the new “mansion tax” passed last year by Los Angeles voters — including some of the biggest names in Democratic Party fundraising circles.

Measure ULA went into effect on April 1, and ostensibly exists to raise money for low-income housing. But many of the rich and famous — who otherwise can be relied upon to flog left-wing causes — avoided the tax.

This is from the Los Angeles Times:

Before Measure ULA took effect in April, some wealthy residents scrambled to avoid paying the new “mansion tax” that would fund affordable housing and homelessness prevention. Even celebrities known for their liberal ideals and humanitarian crusades happened to sell, for whatever reason, right before the tax went into effect…

Even before voters passed the measure, bringing a 4% transfer tax on all property sales above $5 million and 5.5% on sales above $10 million in the city of L.A., attorneys and real estate agents began devising ways to shirk it. In the waning days of March, luxury homeowners made increasingly desperate attempts to sell their long-held properties before the deadline.

Is the Los Angeles Times surprised by this news?

How exactly is California going to pay for all of those reparations when they can’t even get their rich elites to pay this tax?

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