LEAK: Special Counsel Jack Smith Summons Witnesses Linked to Trump’s Classified Docs Probe to Testify Before Grand Jury in FLORIDA!

Special Counsel Jack Smith has now summoned witnesses linked to Trump’s classified documents case to testify before a FLORIDA grand jury!

Jack Smith has been investigating Trump after he stored presidential records at Mar-a-Lago and whether the former president tried to obstruct the probe.

Jack Smith and his team of prosecutors are currently presenting evidence in the classified documents case to a DC grand jury.

However, according to leaks to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, Jack Smith is now pursuing possible indictments against Mar-a-Lago staffers or Trump aides in Florida!

Bloomberg noted evidence collected from the grand jury in Florida may be used in the DC case against Trump.

“It wasn’t immediately clear what the Florida activity means for the future direction of Smith’s work. Justice Department rules generally state that prosecutors can only present a case for indictment to a grand jury in the district where a particular offense took place, although they can use evidence they’ve collected in front of panels sitting elsewhere. It’s possible, for instance, that Smith’s office could pursue indictments against certain people in Florida and others in Washington.” Bloomberg reported.

Bloomberg reported:

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office in recent weeks has issued federal grand jury subpoenas out of southern Florida to multiple witnesses linked to the classified documents probe involving former President Donald Trump, according to two people familiar with the investigative steps.

One witness is expected to testify this week before a grand jury in Florida, the people said, and at least one additional witness already has appeared, according to one of the people. Both sources requested anonymity to discuss nonpublic court activity.

Smith’s presence in Florida, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, marks a new front for the Justice Department’s records investigation, which for more than a year has unfolded in secret grand jury proceedings in federal district court in Washington. Prosecutors have been exploring whether Trump or anyone else mishandled sensitive national security information or tried to obstruct the government’s efforts to retrieve documents taken when he left the White House.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecutors questioned at least one witness after an employee at Mar-a-Lago drained the Florida resort’s pool in October and ended up flooding a room full of computer servers that maintained surveillance video, according to a leak to CNN.

The IT equipment and servers were not damaged by the flooding, however, federal prosecutors still found it suspicious.

Since the flooding happened after Trump received a subpoena for classified records and surveillance footage, prosecutors may use it to build an obstruction conspiracy case, CNN reported.

President Trump’s lawyers on Monday met with Justice Department officials on the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case a couple weeks after requesting a meeting.

According to CBS News, the decision whether to indict Trump on federal charges is imminent.

Jack Smith is also investigating Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election.

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