Jury Trial Finally Possibility For 2020 Election Fraud Claims As Philly Judge Rejects Protective Order Request

Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom were GOP poll watchers in Chester Pennsylvania during the 2020 election.

The far-left officials running the local elections forced the GOP poll watchers into a small pen where they could not witness the ballot counting. This was a common tactic used in swing states by far-left officials during the 2020 election. GOP poll watchers were abused and prevented from doing their job in several states.

These tactics resulted in massive chain of custody issues across the US — and the actions always hampered Republican poll watchers, never the other way around. This is one tactic Democrats used to cheat and steal the controversial election.

After Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom testified in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, special agents from the state Attorney General’s office showed up at their door to harass them.
And then Delaware County sued Leah and Greg for court costs after they spoke out nationally on the voter fraud they witnessed in their county.

Guest post by Bill Lawrence

Jury Trial Finally Possibility For 2020 Election Fraud Claims As Philly Judge Rejects Protective Order Request — Attorney Conor Corcoran got a solid spanking when Judge Michael E. Erdos denied his request for a protective order against election whistleblowers Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom, today, June 20, in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

Erdos rejected everything Corcoran sought which included a $15,000 fine, the removal of guns and “incendiary” devices from the defendants’ homes, and that they never come within a mile of his client.

Corcoran is representing  former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage in a defamation suit regarding claims that the 2020 election was rigged in Delco.

The pair’s co-defendants include President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Jen Ellis.

Corcoran based his request on Stenstrom’s frequent used of Frederick Douglass’s boxes of liberty during interviews and public speaking engagements.

Douglass said liberty depends on three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge or powder box, depending on the version.

Corcoran said that Stenstrom’s use of powder box made him fear that Stenstrom was planning to blow him up.

It was a ridiculous stretch as was indicated by the decision. Why would Corcoran waste the court’s valuable time with this foolishness? Was he hoping that the pair, who are representing themselves, would not show? That they would not be prepared? Well, they did and were, and the professional attorney ended up with pie on his face, albeit Savage will be getting the bill.

Stenstrom and Mrs. Hoopes noted that several figures in American history have used the phrasing.

Stenstrom further noted that he was veteran who had seen war. He said violence was the last thing he wanted in America. He said he emphasized at every speaking event or interview that the law is the only path to trustworthy elections.

We can attest that he has done this in the interviews in which we have participated.

Erdos asked that the defendants be circumspect in their used of the boxes of liberty statement but did not order them to stop using it.

Erdos said that none of the various cases regarding 2020 election fraud allegations ever went before a jury and that the eyes of the world will be on Philadelphia when this case goes to trial.

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