IRONY: Maryland Governor Claims That Keeping Sexually Explicit Books From Children is ‘Castrating’ Them (VIDEO)

Maryland’s Democrat governor has claimed that keeping sexually explicit books out of schools and children’s sections of libraries is “castrating” them.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore defended allowing children to access explicit materials in an interview with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on MSNBC over the weekend.

The interesting choice of word comes as Democrats have made it a top campaign issue to be able to mutilate and sterilize children in the name of “transgender” equality.

“I continue hearing people making the argument that we’re doing it because we want to we want to prevent our students from having discomfort or guilt,” Moore said. “Because we don’t want our students to be able to really wrestle with these really difficult things in times when they are maturing as individuals and difficult historical points. But the thing I realized and I wanted to speak out about is that’s actually not true. It’s a guise.”

“It’s not about making kids feel uncomfortable. It’s about telling other kids that they shouldn’t understand their own power,” Moore continued. “It’s castrating them.”

Three families in Montgomery County, Maryland, recently filed a lawsuit over the school board’s decision not to allow them to opt out of their children being provided with sexually explicit materials.

Approximately 100 parents protested outside of the Board of Education headquarters in Rockville over this issue in May.


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