An Insider’s Cry for Justice and Transparency in Elderly Healthcare Against COVID-19 Vaccine

A registered nurse, who wanted to remain anonymous, reached out to The Gateway Pundit this week, expressing deep concern about the current state of healthcare in nursing homes, particularly for the elderly population.

Her testimony paints a bleak and worrisome picture of the impact of the pandemic and the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Describing her journey through various healthcare units, including Intermediate Care (IMC) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the nurse unveiled a picture of corrupting healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, citing an alarming rise in deaths in the geriatric community in recent months.

Several Democrat-run states, including New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California, had a policy not to turn away patients who had tested positive for the coronavirus. As a result, COVID wiped out thousands of nursing home patients in these Democrat-run states.

“I work at a nursing home. I have been a registered nurse for over nine years and worked in many specialties. I worked in IMC and ICU during COVID and saw many injustices,” she said.

“I had to leave. I have never seen so many deaths in our geriatric community as I have in the last six months. Other nurses, I have spoken to say the same. I am just trying to find more information on this,” she added.

The nurse questioned the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine for the elderly, saying that the vaccine is contributing to more deaths than saving lives.

“I believe that the vaccine that was supposed to protect the elderly is also causing them to die just as much as the younger population,” she said.

The nurse opened up about how difficult it was for her to keep working in a place where she felt so much injustice and corruption. Nevertheless, she remained dedicated to the cause.

“It is so hard to continue working as a nurse, but someone has to protect these people,” she asserted.

She stated her firm refusal to provide the vaccine to her patients. This stand, she revealed, has prompted her to leave jobs in the past when employer mandates clashed with her personal convictions.

“I have and will never administer the vaccine to anyone, even if that means I have to find another job. Just like when they tried to mandate nurses, I refused and found another job.”

Seven years ago, during a one-year tenure in a nursing home, she had seen approximately five people pass away. In contrast, she shared that over the past six months, she has witnessed the deaths of about 20 individuals. Other nurses in different nursing homes, she said, have observed the same.

“I worked in IMC and ICU during Covid, but I left because of the policies they had for Covid patients. I have never given a patient remdesiver or a Covid vaccine.”

Her concerns are not limited to the vaccination efforts, however. She also criticized policies for treating COVID-19 patients and accused healthcare facilities of prioritizing financial gain over patient wellbeing.

“When I found out that the hospitals were getting money for COVID-19 patients, I left,” she said. “Healthcare is a joke. It’s all about money, of course.”

Her motivation for speaking out is deeply personal. She lost both her grandparents recently and expressed concerns about the role of the COVID-19 vaccine in their deaths. Her grandmother, previously healthy with no history of heart conditions, died of a massive heart attack after receiving the vaccine and its booster.

“I am just so tired of all the corruption in healthcare. I just want justice for these people that suffered or died too soon. This including my grandfather and my grandmama.”

“Hospice companies, nursing homes, they just want to make money,” she said. “I just want families to be aware of this.”

She concluded her heartfelt letter with a plea for justice for all who suffered or died unjustly during the pandemic, including her own grandparents. She also called for recognition of the plight of nurses, who, she claims, saw many preventable deaths and faced unspeakable challenges.

“No one talks about what nurses went through during COVID-19,” she said. “I have lived [a] nightmare for the last three years firsthand.”

“I just want justice for all the families that lost a loved one unjustly, including mine,” she concluded.


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