Here We Go: FBI Agents on the Hunt for ‘Domestic Terror Threats’ Ahead of Trump’s Florida Court Appearance (VIDEO)

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer with reporter Josh Campbell (Youtube/CNN)

As former President Donald Trump prepares for his upcoming court appearance in Florida on Tuesday, FBI agents across the country are actively looking for possible ‘domestic terror threats,’ according to a CNN report citing law enforcement sources.

This follows reports that pro-Trump groups are making plans to travel to Miami to show their support for the former President as he faces bogus federal charges in the classified documents case.

The Biden regime announced they were going to indict the leading Republican candidate in the 2024 election, President Donald Trump, on Tuesday. The radical left Marxists are terrified of President Trump saving America from their reign of terror in 2024.

Kari Lake is reportedly headed to Miami for President Trump’s arraignment on Tuesday to support him in his fight against the radical Marxist Biden regime.

“We know that these extremist groups, they’re not going to target the former President, their adherence of his message. But the question comes down to what about everyone else? What about the people who work in that courthouse? What about members of the prosecutorial team who we know have faced threats? CNN reporter Josh Campbell, a former Comey lackey, told anchor Wolf Blitzer.

Five law enforcement sources have allegedly confirmed to CNN that so-called domestic terrorism agents and analysts are actively working to identify any potential threats surrounding Trump’s court appearance. The monitoring reportedly extends to online platforms and includes confidential human informants reporting on these groups’ activities.

“That’s why this work by federal law enforcement is so important across the country trying to determine, are there potential threats, looking online, looking to sources, anyone who might have information? said Campbell. “Federal law enforcement will certainly respect First Amendment-protected activity at the courthouse if people want to come and protest and support Donald Trump. But something they certainly won’t abide is any violence. So we’re told they’re working to try to disrupt, dismantle any types of groups who might be planning that.”

Former CNN and 60 Minutes correspondant Lara Logan blasted her former network for “effectively pushing the narrative that anyone who votes for Trump is a terrorist.”

She added that “citing the FBI is a signal to millions they’re being set-up for political reasons yet again. Don’t show support for Trump or we’re coming for you.”


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